Walker Memorial Assesment Team (WMAT) Update

On October 4, 2011, in General, GSC, Play, by Secretary

Since last spring, students have been constructively engaging with administration through a committee named the Walker Memorial Assessment Team (WMAT) in an attempt to best characterize and represent the student community’s usage of Walker Memorial. In addition, we have attempted to accurately capture the cultural and social importance of this cherished landmark to both the undergraduate and graduate populations. Late in the Spring, WMAT opened up its doors for discussions with all interested student groups in order to acquire usage feedback. From these meetings a number of Executive Summary documents were produced which clearly and concisely distilled down the group’s current and future usage, unique needs, and concerns. These documents are intended to educate those unfamiliar with Walker’s current users and the effect a move may potentially have on them.

Following this work, WMAT began to focus its attention on relocation of students groups and student spaces. We are still currently in the process of identifying opportunities and challenges in ensuring MIT’s rich student life is not compromised in the event of a repurposing of Walker Memorial. That being said, much of WMAT was on hiatus throughout the summer and as a result we will continue to work diligently on the issues of student group and student space relocation. It is my expectation that Walker will be available throughout this Academic year as the decision regarding Walker is still pending.

Brian Spatocco
WMAT Graduate Student Rep