Only 2 more days to buy your season pass through the Snowriders (, which will handily also give you a discount on the GSC/Snowrider’s Ski Trip ( coming up in IAP (ticket sales in 8 days)! El mensage del Presidente del MIT Snowriders:


Due to time constraints and a lack of officer availability during last few days of November, we will have to cut sales of the New England pass a little short. To get our discount, you will have to purchase a pass before Thanksgiving break, by 2pm on Tuesday Nov 22nd.

If you still want to buy a pass before the Nov 30th deadline (Boyne Resorts cut-off for the $349 price point), we encourage you to purchase the New England College pass online at<>. Even though this is without the exclusive MIT Snowriders discount, its still a good deal.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

El Presidente