GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee Update

On March 7, 2012, in GSC, by GSC Executive Committee

Hi all,

Some updates about HCA’s recent work:

1. Cost of Living Stipend Recommendation proposed.

We advocated for a 5.23% increase to graduate stipends. This number is calculated based on the massive amount of data that we obtain from cost of living survey, registrar & enrollment, and Consumer Product Index over the last year.

From the data, we find out that the rent CPI number we have been using in the calculation of stipend increase over the last four years is significantly lower than the real increase in the greater Boston-Cambridge area. The 5.23% increase is based on a two-year plan to bring the standard of living of graduate students back to the level of 2007.

We presented our result and analysis to the Academic Council chaired by President Susan Hockfield on March 6. We shall hear back from the Academic Council in two weeks.

2. Transportation Working Group is concluding their analysis and will soon make a proposal to the Transportation

The transportation  group has been working hard to design a new shuttle route based on the addresses of off-campus students. The main analysis is finished. The new shuttle route will serve more off-campus graduate students and reduce their walking distances to shuttle stops. We will soon make a proposal to the MIT transportation.

3. We are initiating the first steps towards heat mapping safety and crime

We just obtained the crime data from MIT police. We will start to heat map safety and crime soon.


Please E-mail us at if you have any questions or are interested in our projects. We are in need of help to improve graduate student’s life!

Maokai Lin & Brian Spatocco

GSC HCA C0-chairs