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2015-2016 VP Special Election

Henry Nassif (EECS, 1st Year MS [MIT ’15/5th Year Masters])

Angie Crews (AeroAstro, 1st Year PhD)

Katherine Curiel (Sloan, 1st Year MBA)

Kyle Kotowick (AeroAstro, 3rd Year PhD)

GSC election dates

Officer elections

  • Nominations open: ?
  • Nominations close: ?
  • Meet the Officer Candidates Event – ?
  • Officer elections: ?

Committee elections

  • Academics, Research & Careers – ?
  • Housing & Community Affairs – ?
  • Orientation – ?
  • Activities – ?

GSC election procedures

The following are relevant excerpts from the MIT GSC Constitution and by-laws regarding Officer election procedures.

The officers shall be nominated and elected by the Council at its April meeting. They shall assume office at the May meeting. An officer may be impeached by any three members of the Council, and the officer may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the members of the Council.

Nominations for officer positions will open at the March meeting and will remain open until one week before the elections. A nomination consists of a nomination vote by a Council member and a second by another Council member. Both the nomination and the second may be carried out orally at the meeting or as signed statements at any other time the nominations are open.

A sliding ballot will be maintained throughout the elections, which will be carried out in the order of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any unsuccessful candidate may run for one of the remaining positions without any further nomination procedure.

In the event that no one is nominated for a position at the time the nominations close, the nominations will reopen during the April meeting prior to the elections.

All candidates shall prepare a statement of purpose within two days of their nomination which will be posted at the GSC office. The Council will sponsor an informal coffee hour on the day the nominations close during which graduate students will have the chance to meet the candidates and ask any relevant questions. Statement of Purpose Example

All candidates for a position will give a speech of no more than five minutes.

The Council will have the chance to ask questions of the candidates. All questions will be addressed to all the candidates and will be answered in the following order: the first question will be answered first by the first candidate, second by the second candidate, etc.; the second question will be answered first by the second candidate, second by the third candidate, etc., and the first candidate will answer this question last.

The candidates will be asked to leave the room and closed-ballot voting will take place. Voters will be asked to list the candidates in order of preference and the votes will be counted using the full preferential method.


Interested in learning more about the positions? Contact the current team at gsc-officers@mit.edu

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