Annual Reports of the GSC

Stay Tuned for the 2014-2015 Annual Report

The Annual Report of the GSC will be available to the MIT community. The report describes the GSC’s major achievements of the year toward the goal of improving the MIT graduate student experience.

An excerpt from the 2012-2013 report:

Over the 2012-2013 academic year, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) has made significant steps towards improving the lives of students, advocating on their behalves, and providing them with the information and programs to enrich and support their diverse needs. It has done this through programming that is unmatched in size and scale by all other nationally active student governments in the United States, strategic advocacy that balances the long-term initiatives of the past with the impending needs of the future, community-sensitive resources like new shuttles and childcare that respond to constituent demands, improved communication structures internally and enhanced public presence in newspapers, and strategic new partnerships that will position the GSC to embark on more ambitious national and international goals in the future.


The GSC, established in 1953 to represent all graduate students at MIT, retains a large archive of historical records in the GSC Office. Please find below some recent annual reports. If you are interested in an annual report not listed here, please contact the GSC Publicity and Publications Board at gsc-pp[@]

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