Leadership Team


Caleb Waugh, President & Chair of the Executive Committee

Alex Guo, Vice President & Chair of the Nominations Board

Parthsarathi Trivedi, Treasurer & Chair of the Funding Board

Chris Smith, Secretary & Chair of the Publications and Publicity Board

Committee Chair(s)

Daniel Day & Beipeng Mu, Academics, Research, and Careers Committee Chairs

Kelli Xu & Sven Schlumpberger, Activities Committee Chairs

Marzyeh Ghassemi & Andrea Dubin, Housing and Community Affairs Committee Chairs

Francesco Bellei & Kendall Nowocin, Orientation Committee Chairs

Daniel Harris, Chair of Muddy Charles Pub Board of Governors

Rachel Keeler, President of Association of Student Activities

Special Appointee(s)

Rudy Dieudonne, Editor of The Graduate