Logo & Branding

Each of the logo formats below is a component of the official GSC graphic identity. Please use “Style 3” for events funded by the GSC Funding Board. For initiatives funded by the Initiatives Fund, use “Style 2”. For all other events, use a logo that is appropriate for the colors and space available. Questions? Contact the GSC Secretary at gsc-secretary@mit.edu, or refer to the official GSC Logo Policy.

Graphic identity

GSC Red Foreground RGB = (109, 41, 42); Hex = #6D292A
GSC Red Background RGB = (146, 38, 36); Hex = #922624

White = (255, 255, 255)/#FFFFFF; Black = (0, 0, 0)/#000000


If the logo is being used for an event sponsored through the GSC Funding Board, please use Style 3.

Style 1


Black & White
Red Background 1
Red Background 2
White BG/Red Text



Style 2

Also use for initiatives funded by the Initiatives Fund


logo5_vertical logo_circle
B&W, “Graduate Student Council”





Style 3

For groups funded by the GSC funding board.


Black & White

Event & Meeting

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