Announcement: 2018-2019 Graduate Cost-of-Living Stipend Increase

On May 6, 2018, by admin

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is happy to inform all MIT graduate students that after partnership and collaboration between the GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee and the Office of Graduate Education (OGE), graduate student stipend levels will be increased an average of 3% for the upcoming academic year. .

The GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee, led by Nicholas Triantaffillou and Malvika Verma, developed a detailed cost-of-living analysis which was instrumental in aiding the establishment of the new stipend levels. The committee analyzed student expenses, local market trends, and national price indices to calculate the cost-of-living increase which was presented to the Advisory Committee on Graduate Stipends. This information helped the Advisory Committee on Graduate Stipend determine its recommended increase in graduate stipend levels.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved with the GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee, please visit http://gsc.mit.edu/committees/hca/. You can also visit the stipend committee website here.

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