Committees & Boards

Most of the work of the GSC is accomplishment through our Board, Committees, and Subcommittees. Each committee is led by two co-chairs and meets monthly to discuss committee logistics and issues pertaining their functional area

Committees & Boards

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Academics, Research, & Careers Committee
The ARC committee is responsible for developing and running programs, including the career fair, the professional development series, and mentorship programs, aimed at creating a better academic environment for students at MIT. ARC additionally advocates on several academically and diversity oriented issues.

Activities Committee
This committee plans, organizes and coordinates a number of social events both on and off campus for graduate students at MIT. The range of events is diverse enough to cater to all segments of the population.

Funding Board
The Funding Board convenes to vote on funding graduate student activities on a semester-by-semester basis for events designed for the entire graduate student body. Funding Board is chaired by the GSC Treasurer.

Housing & Community Affairs Committee
The HCA is the primary advocacy branch of the GSC on all student life issues, including housing and rents, stipends, health services and insurance, transportation, safety, athletics, and related matters.

Nominations Board
The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to nominate graduate students to institute committees. The Committee is chaired by the GSC Vice-President

Orientation Committee
This committee is responsible for planning the Institute’s official Graduate Student Orientation – a series of events designed to welcome new graduate students to MIT at the beginning of the school term.

Publications & Publicity Board
The P&P Board is responsible for disseminating information to the graduate student through a variety of means, including engaging new and emerging social media outlets. The P&P Board is chaired by the GSC Secretary.

Muddy Charles Board of Governors (GSC Committee)
The Muddy Charles Board of Governors is a GSC Committee charged with overseeing all functions of the Pub in order to foster the enjoyable atmosphere of the Pub. The GSC President serves as an ex officio member of the Muddy Board. The Board also has alumni and faculty members in addition to graduate student representation.

Association of Student Activities (ASA, a joint committee with MIT Undergraduate Association)
The ASA oversees student group activity and is the governing body of students groups on the MIT campus.

Presidential Task Forces
Presidential task forces may be assembled by the GSC President on an ad hoc basis in order to address specific tasks as needed. The GSC President shall fill the positions of these task forces and shall act as chair unless a different member is designated as chair in the task force charge.