Upcoming: Grad Coffee Hour

MIT Graduate Coffee Hour was initiated during a lunch meeting between GSC President Brian Spatocco and CAC Director Phillip Walsh.

The conversation started with the lack of on-campus after hour coffee shops and a place to relax for graduate students after normal business hours. Tie together with the mission of creating communication channels across academic departments, the idea of creating MIT Grad Coffee Hour was born.

GSC Activities Committee echoed to this initiative and worked with Brian and CAC to start this new tradition. Together with CAC, Naomi Carton, the Associate Dean of Residential Life and Dining provided the financial support for the MIT Grad Coffee Hour.

The very first grad coffee hour was held in MIT Stata Center, Forbes Cafe on December 5th, with an attendance over 200 graduate students.

In the year 2013, the MIT Grad Coffee Hour Committee was formed under the GSC Activities Committee, chaired by enthusiastic AC grad student volunteers,  Alvaro Amor and Laszlo Lovasz.

The first Grad Coffee Hour after the new year is on February 6th, and will continue every other Wednesday.

Grad Coffee Hour is now sponsored by Campus Activities Complex and GradRat.

We always welcome comments, suggestions and feedbacks from MIT grad students! Please feel free to email gsc-coffeehour@mit.edu with your thoughts!

Cheers, and drink more Coffee!



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