Digital Learning Subcommittee


We are a group of graduate students working on improving the education and research experience at MIT in the context of Digital Learning. The subcommittee was established in early 2013.


Committee members: Aalap Dighe, Alex Weinstein, Alexei Bylinskii, Beipeng Mu, Bigyan Bista, Daniel Day, Dimiter Ostrev , Dorian Gangloff, Elizabeth Setren, Ellan Spero, Eric Victor, Eugene Yurtsev, Franck Dernoncourt, George Chen, Guy Evans, Jit Hin Tan, John Rogosic, Juho Kim, Kelli Xu, Kuang Xu, Nezar Abdennur, Paul Bisso, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Robert Erdmann, Shreeharsh Kelkar, Zoya Bylinskii.

2013-2014 Chair: Kuang Xu (EECS PhD)

Focus Areas

Student Engagement

Description: We organize events to inform the graduate student body of the most recent updates in the digital learning movement at MIT. These events also serve as discussion forums for students to get together and brainstorm new ideas for how to use digital technology to improve education and research at MIT. If you would like to organize a event / presentation at your constituency, let us know!

Project Leads: Paul Bisso (pbisso) and George Chen (georgehc)

Digital Learning Research

Description: The Digital Learning Research group is an inter-disciplinary student research team. We focus on the design of novel digital learning tools and platforms to enhance learning and student interaction. We aim for working prototypes of tools that can become immediately usable in online course offerings. Studying the ways these tools are used, and interacting with the users themselves allows us to feed the tools through multiple development cycles while simultaneously advancing our understanding of digital learning. The video annotation tool our team designed will be used in a literature class this Spring!

Project Leads: Juho Kim (juhokim), Zoya Bylinskii (zoya) and Guy Evans (gnevans)

Policy Issues Related to Digital Learning

Description: We work on policy issues related to creating frameworks for graduate student involvement in digital learning at MIT. Current focuses include:

  • Develop infrastructure to facilitate graduate student involvement in on developing platform, content, pedagogical strategies, analytics, research projects
  • Propose some policies surrounding graduate teaching assistantships in courses that have significant digital learning components
  • Develop a framework for how graduate students can access and use digital learning content

Project Leads: Pavitra Krishnaswamy (pavitrak) and Shreeharsh Kelkar (skelkar)

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Meetings are held in the GSC Office, located in Room 50-220, on the second floor of the Walker Memorial building. Dinner will be provided. Minutes from past meetings are posted here.

Interested in joining?

We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our subcommittee. If you are interested, please email us at: kuangxu @ (MIT email address).


Last updated: September 2013