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“As Engineers of Tomorrow, the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee believes we should practice diversity and inclusion initiatives the same way we practice our laboratory achievements. If we patiently and willingly converse, envision, create and redevelop our diversity initiatives and principles together diligently, MIT will place itself as the world’s foremost institution by establishing a Laboratory of Life.



DCI is a peer-to-peer initiative aimed at establishing Department Representatives, or conduits, among the graduate student body in all graduate academic departments and programs institute-wide regarding diversity and inclusion. The initiative provides the MIT Administration a student’s perspective of which departments implement diversity well, entice other programs to develop similar best practices, thus eventually establishing a standard for diversity and inclusion campuswide.



Department Representatives, or conduits, are graduate students responsible for providing the subcommittee constant feedback regarding diversity practices within their respective departments and programs. The Conduits inform the subcommittee of of any needs, interests, concerns or potential diversity initiatives on an academic level. Conduits usually belong to their own department committees, councils, or student associations, thus being independent affiliates of the Subcommittee. They are appointed by their own departmental committees, councils, or student associations if practicable. They are permitted to also serve as C-Reps with consent of the Officer Board.



Conduits are invited to DCI’s semesterly Conduit Assembly. The assembly allows conduits to bring any feedback to the forefront on behalf of their academic department. Conduits also are encouraged to interact outside of assembly.

The subcommittee’s goal for the assembly meetings is to:

  1. Encourage an informal, inter-departmental dialogue amongst students.
  2. Collectively establish and implement a standard for diversity and inclusion campuswide.



Do you know your department or program conduit? Click here to see the list of conduits.

If you do not see a conduit for your department and wish to become one, please email us at


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