HCA: Childcare

GSC and Childcare

One of the goals of the Graduate Student Council is to improve access to affordable child care for MIT graduate students.

While MIT has center-based child care resources and a number of external providers are available nearby, these services are very expensive and often have limited capacity. In addition to efforts to reduce the cost of and improve access to center-based care, we are investigating the possibility of developing a network of providers within the MIT Community and in near-Campus locations that can provide increased capacity at low cost to students through a Family Child Care program.

For more information, please contact the GSC HCA Family Subcommittee.


GSC launches Family Back-up Childcare Fund!

In a historic resolution this month, the GSC voted with overwhelming majority to create a new Family Childcare Fund – a program aimed to provide highly subsidized short-term childcare to MIT graduate students with families. This program is made possible by funding from the GSC, the MIT Work-Life Center and the Office of the Provost. Special thanks to Kathy Simons (MIT Work-Life Center), Dean Christine Ortiz (Dean for Graduate Education), Chancellor Eric Grimson and Provost Chris Kaiser for their support of this program!

This program will aim to provide MIT graduate students with free membership (usually $200/year) to Parents in a Pinch at a highly subsidized rate of $5/hr (usually $16/hr). The expected start date of this program will be July, 2013. Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, feel free to email gsc-hca-family-chair@mit.edu for questions, comments and suggestions.

Executive Summary:

  • GSC has passed the Family Subcommittee’s resolution to create a childcare fund for subsidized back-up childcare through Parents in a Pinch.
  • MIT and GSC funding will allow students to use this service at a heavily subsidized rate. Our target rate is $5/hour for up to 8 hours/day with a cap of 10 days/year.
  • The goal launch date for this program is July 1, 2013.


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