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About Us

In 2010-2011, the Graduate Student Council initiated a Sustainability Task Force to think strategically about how we as an organization can contribute to a sustainable future. The Task Force culminated in a report, which was presented at the May, 2011, General Council Meeting.
In response to the report, and in light of a general commitment to advancing sustainability within the organization and across MIT, the GSC has announced the creation of a Sustainability Subcommittee. Unfortunately during 2011-2013 year, the committee ceased to exist with leadership. But we’re back in the swing of things now with Becky Romatoski and Caroline Howe bringing the committee back to life in 2013. Becky Romatoski and Cherry Gao are the current committee co-chairs.

If you’re interested in sustainability we’d love to hear your ideas and get your help on projects and initiatives. Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu or sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.


  • Annual Bike Fest
  • Earth Week Activities (Watch 2014 Video of Public Waste Audit of W20!)
  • Green Team
  • Green Events Guide
  • Tech Trash Trendsetters (Use & Signage of Waste Bins)
  • Furniture Donation & Reuse
  • Coordination with Graduate Dorm Environment/Sustainability Chairs
  • Greening Orientation 2015 – Lead Needed
  • What you are interested in can go here!

But let’s start to think big too! Green Revolving Loan Fund? Improve/Replace leaking windows? Reduce heating and cooling energy use?

Committee Co-Chairs (2014-2015):

Cherry and Becky at the People's Climate March in New York City, September 2014.
Cherry & Becky at the People’s Climate March in New York City, September 2014.

Cherry Gao
2nd year PhD student
Department of Biological Engineering

Becky Romatoski
3rd year PhD student
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Green Team

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Are you planning an event for graduate students?
The GSC Sustainability Green Team can help you make your event more environmentally friendly!

Hosting an event with sustainability in mind would be great for publicity, as well as for the planet.

What we offer:
We provide resources and guidance (in person or over email/phone) on how to host a sustainable event.
Examples of what resources we can provide you with:

  • A list of sustainably-minded caterers
  • Contact information of people on campus who would be helpful to you
  • How to get compostable dishware and compost collection at your event
  • Alternatives to single-serve water bottles
  • How to advertise your sustainable events

Unfortunately, we cannot provide financial assistance. However, we are able to advise you on where you might get additional funding, or what you could do within your budget to host as sustainable an event as possible.

If you would like to request our help with planning your event, or have question, please contact us at gsc-sustainability-greenteam@mit.edu ! The earlier you contact us in your event planning stage, the better.

Green team picture for the website

Upcoming Events

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MIT Earth Days 2015

Visit mit.edu/earthday for the full list of events during MIT Earth Days.

Subscribe to the MIT Earth Days Google Calendar and don’t miss an event!

MIT Earth Days in April 2015 is an action-packed week of events (April 21-24, 2015) organized in collaboration with interested individuals and sustainability groups on campus. This year, MIT Earth Days is coordinated by GSC Sustainability, and funded by the MIT Office of Sustainability.

GSC Sustainability Subcommittee Meetings

Our meetings happen bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 5-6PM in 50-220 (GSC Office above Muddy Charles Pub). At our meetings, we discuss and update each other on ongoing projects and upcoming events. New members are always welcome, and graduate dorm sustainability chairs are especially encouraged to attend. Vegetarian dinners are provided (we encourage you to bring your own plates & utensils). Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming meetings, and please don’t forget to RSVP!

GSC Sustainability Fund

The GSC Sustainability Fund provides grants to graduate students and groups who are keen to organize an event or lead an action that helps MIT move towards a clean, environmentally benign and resource efficient campus. Both student groups and individuals can apply for events or activities aimed at campus sustainability initiatives. In the past, we have funded sustainability speaker events, recycling facilities tours, and composting programs at graduate dorms. Application deadlines and funding periods are posted on the GSC Sustainability Fund website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the funding committee at gsc-sustainability-fund@mit.edu.

Other Events

Please subscribe to our Events Calendar for the most up-to-date information on our upcoming activities.

Get Involved

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Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu with ideas.
Sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.

Useful Links

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Existing sustainability-minded groups:

Non-MIT Resources

      • Freecycle
      • Craigslist
      • Goodwill
      • Live in Cambridge? Then you should read this.
      • and many more!

Past Events

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12/03/2014: Marine Plastic Pollution Seminar with Dr. Marcus Eriksen

We packed the auditorium (with more than 90 people) for a special seminar on marine plastic pollution with Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the co-founder of 5 Gyres Institute. This seminar was organized in collaboration with the Sloan Sustainability Initiative, MIT Office of Sustainability, MIT Water Club, Sustainability Club, and the Waste Alliance.
MIT Sustainability Office article

09/07/2014: Bike Fest 2014!

On Sunday, September 7 (2-5pm), MIT PN2K and GSC Sustainability will be partnering with MIT PTO, Hubway, Whole Foods, MIT Facilities, and WMBR to throw a festival for MIT bike riders, both new and experienced!


Check out some of the awesome things planned:

      • Basic tune-ups
      • Change a Flat Demo
      • Bike safety resources
      • Bike registration
      • Raffle prizes
      • DJ/Music
      • Food

Interested in participating in the Treasure Hunt?*
*The Treasure Hunt is a free guided bike tour on Hubway with limited spots!
Must Pre-register here!

Interested in volunteering at the Bike Fest?
Sign up here!

Event Calendar

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