HCA: Sustainability Subcommittee

Get involved!  Email gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu to join.

Get involved!  Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu with ideas and sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.


  • Earth Week Activities

  • Green Team

  • Bike Show (for next year during orientation) – Lead Needed!

  • Greening Orientation 2014 – Lead Needed!

  • Furniture reuse and trash2treasure

  • Dorm electricity competition (combine with UA) – Lead Needed!
  • Coordinate with Graduate Dorm Environment/Sustainability Chairs
  • Green events guide (with AC committee)
  • What you are interested in can go here!

But let’s start to think big too! Green Revolving Loan Fund? Improve/Replace leaking windows? Reduce heating and cooling energy use?


What can be recycled at MIT?

Where to put your Waste: FAQs

Reuse at MIT

Choose to Reuse – every third Thursday

MIT Furniture Exchange


Existing sustainability-minded groups:

Non-MIT Resources





In 2010-2011, the Graduate Student Council initiated a Sustainability Task Force to think strategically about how we as an organization can contribute to a sustainable future. The Task Force culminated in a report, which was presented at the May, 2011, General Council Meeting.

In response to the report, and in light of a general commitment to advancing sustainability within the organization and across MIT, the GSC has announced the creation of a Sustainability Subcommittee. Unfortunately during 2011-2013 year, the committee ceased to exist with leadership. But we’re back in the swing of things now.

Becky Romatoski and Caroline Howe are the committee co-chairs for 2013-2014. If you’re interested in sustainability we’d love to hear your ideas and get your help on projects and initiatives. Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu or sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.


If you would like more information or to get involved in this new and exciting GSC subcommittee, please contact us at: gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu