HCA: Sustainability Subcommittee

Get involved!  Email gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu to join.


Get involved!  Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu with ideas and sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.


  • Earth Week Activities

    • Ice Cream Social Kickoff
    • Finding Enough Lunch
    • Clean Bin Project Screening
    • Public Waste Audit of W20: Watch Video!
  • Green Team

  • Bike Show (for next year during orientation) – Lead Needed!

  • Greening Orientation 2014 – Lead Needed!

  • Furniture reuse and trash2treasure

  • Coordinate with Graduate Dorm Environment/Sustainability Chairs
  • Green events guide (with AC committee)
  • What you are interested in can go here!

But let’s start to think big too! Green Revolving Loan Fund? Improve/Replace leaking windows? Reduce heating and cooling energy use?


What can be recycled at MIT?

Where to put your Waste: FAQs

Reuse at MIT

Choose to Reuse – every third Thursday

MIT Furniture Exchange


Existing sustainability-minded groups:

Non-MIT Resources

  • Freecycle
  • Craigslist
  • Goodwill
  • and many more!


In 2010-2011, the Graduate Student Council initiated a Sustainability Task Force to think strategically about how we as an organization can contribute to a sustainable future. The Task Force culminated in a report, which was presented at the May, 2011, General Council Meeting.

In response to the report, and in light of a general commitment to advancing sustainability within the organization and across MIT, the GSC has announced the creation of a Sustainability Subcommittee. Unfortunately during 2011-2013 year, the committee ceased to exist with leadership. But we’re back in the swing of things now with Becky Romatoski and Caroline Howe bringing the committee back to life in 2013.

Becky Romatoski and Cherry Gao are the current committee co-chairs. If you’re interested in sustainability we’d love to hear your ideas and get your help on projects and initiatives. Email us at gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu or sign-up for the committee by joining the mailing list.


If you would like more information or to get involved in this new and exciting GSC subcommittee, please contact us at: gsc-sustainability[at]mit[dot]edu