Nominations Board

Dan Smithwick

Dan Smithwick

2015-2016 Nominations Board Chair

gsc-vp [at] mit [dot] edu

The Nominations Board is charged with recruiting and selecting students to serve on the many Institute Committees. These committees are responsible for many of the decisions that affect the way MIT operates on a day to day basis, and provide a very important opportunity for graduate students to provide input and feedback.

The Presidential and Faculty Committees with graduate student representation may be found on the GSC website. The Nominations Board is chaired by the GSC Vice President, and consists of members of the GSC and the general graduate community. Information on the Nominations Board may be found in the Article II.C.2 of the GSC Bylaws.

2014/2015 Institute Committee Rep Application - View All Open Positions and Application Forms


How Nominations Work

Nominations open at the end of the Spring term, generally near the beginning of May. The deadline for the applications varies according to the committee; please, review the Institute Committees description through the link above for more information. Students submit their Application for Nomination to Presidential and Faculty Committees to the GSC Vice President, who convenes the Nominations Board to interview candidates over the course of the summer. Based on the application and interview, the Nominations Board will rank all applicants for a particular committee and then submit the top applications to that Institute Committee’s Chair. The Chair of the Institute Committee then determines which nominee(s) will fill the position(s) based either on the GSC rankings or an internal review process. Nomination by the GSC is not a guarantee of appointment, as the Institute Committees make the final decision and notification to accept a candidate. However, all candidates for graduate student representative positions must go through the GSC nomination process.

For any question that can not be answered by this website, please contact:

Reporting Relationships

All Institute Committee representatives are expected to maintain communication with the chairs of the appropriate GSC Committee. The reporting relationship is summarized below.

  • Graduate Student Council Officers
    • Faculty Policy Committee
    • Corporation Joint Advisory Committee
  • Academics Research and Careers (ARC) Committee
    • Committee on Assessment of Biohazards
    • Committee on Discipline
    • Council on Educational Technology
    • Committee on Graduate Programs
    • Committee on Intellectual Property
    • Committee on Distinguished Fellowships
    • Committee on the Library System
    • Committee on Race and Diversity
    • Committee on Radiation Protection
    • Committee on ROTC Oversight
    • Committee on Student Information Policy
    • Committee on Toxic Chemicals
    • Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid
    • Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects
    • Women’s Advisory Group
  • Activities Committee
    • Community Service Fund Board
    • Creative Arts Council
    • Committee on the Hobby Shop
  • Housing and Community Affairs (HCA) Committee
    • DAPER Advisory Board
    • Council on Family and Work
    • Medical Consumers Advisory Council
    • Committee on Transportation and Parking
    • Committee on Student Life