Institute Committee Representatives

Serving on an Institute Committee as a graduate student enables you to significantly impact important decisions made by the Institute. You will serve as a voting member of a committee which advises faculty and administration, and ultimately reports to the MIT President. This is a great opportunity to give back to the MIT community and develop relationships with fellow graduate students, faculty, and administrators from across the Institute.

The GSC Nominations Board will begin accepting applications at the end of the spring semester for the upcoming school year. A link will be made available on this web page to submit your application.

Representative Responsibilities

Presidential/Faculty Committee Representatives should attend the General Council Meetings (first Wednesday of every month, 5:30pm) both to learn about issues the graduate student body faces and to disseminate information. More formal reporting should be done to the GSC Standing Committee to which the Presidential/Faculty Committee pertains and through the Institute Representative Reporting Form. Lastly, all Presidential/Faculty Committee Representatives will be expected to submit an end-of-year report summarizing the actions and issues of their committee during their tenure.

2014-2015 Representatives

Committees with positions OPEN status are accepting applications for the upcoming school year.
Committees with positions PENDING status are not accepting applications; the applications for these committees are being reviewed by the Nominations Board with the members of the committee.

Presidential Committees
Assessment of Biohazards, Committee on Jason Nguyen
Corporation Joint Advisory Committee (minutes) Kendall Nowocin (ex-officio)
Mark Molaro
Marzyeh Ghassemi
Commencement Committee Kendall Nowocin (ex-officio)
Francesco Bellei (ex-officio)
Community Service Fund Board Shahid Azad
Dafu Zhang
DAPER Advisory Board (minutes) Cynthia Lin
Amelia Servi
Family and Work, Council on Bichoy Bahr
Hobby Shop, Committee on the James Franklin
Intellectual Property, Committee on Anna Wexler
Medical Consumers Advisory Council Dana Buchbut
Samuel Rodriques
Distinguished Fellowships, Committee on Tristan Giesa
Samantha Strasser
Presidential Advisory Committee Kendall Nowocin (ex-officio)
Jessica Artiles
Elena Mendez
Dhaval Adjodah
Race and Diversity, Committee on James Colombe
Emir Pagan
Radiation Protection, Committee on Thomas Bischof
ROTC Oversight Committee Andrea Dubin
Student Information Policy, Committee on PENDING
Toxic Chemicals, Committee on Whitney Hess
Transportation and Parking, Committee on David Maltzan
Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Committee on the Anna Wexler
Women’s Advisory Group Laurel Taylor
Kate Agnew
Faculty Committees
Committee on Discipline Sebastian Schmidt
Angela Kilby
Faculty Policy Committee Chris Smith
Committee on Graduate Programs (minutes) Vrajesh Modi
Daniel Smithwick
Committee on the Library System Claire Evans
Samir Luther
Committee on Student Life (minutes) James Teherani
Andriani Panagiotidou
Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jessica Artiles
Other Committees
Committee on Educational Technology (MITCET) Jennifer Groff
Council on Creative Arts David Rolnick
Desi Gonzalez
Ad-hoc Committees
Recreational Advisory Committee (RAC) at DAPER Tuka Al Hanai
ODGE Graduate Student Life Grants Chris Aakre
Academic Integrity Working Group Kaja Kaastrup
Committee on the Capital Campaign Janille Maragh
Bigyan Bista
Committee on the Campus Conversation on Climate Change Geoffrey Supran
Committee on the Bexley Hall Interim Use Plan Xiaowei Cai
Matthew Getz
DSL Student Travel Initiative Monika Avello
Graduate Admission Team Mohammad Ghassemi
IS&T Student Technology Advisory Board Chuan Zhang
Campus Activity Complex Advisory Board D.W. Rowlands
Title IX Student Working Group Alexandra Jeanne Toumar
East Campus Studies Committee Samuel Rodriques
West Campus Studies Committee Jessica Varner
Environmental Initiative Education Committee Kelly Heber Dunning
Mike Wilson