GSC Finances

The GSC has an annual budget of over $300,000. This is used for a variety of initiatives, ranging from orientation events to grants for student groups. Funding is an important issue for graduate students and student groups alike. The GSC funds individuals and the graduate community in a number of ways


In this Section

GSC Budget
Learn where the GSC allocates its $300K+ budget.

Online Payment Requests
Non-Student Groups can now process reimbursements, travel, and purchase orders online.  Available to Council Representatives and GSC volunteers.

Athletic & Performance Activities Grant
Graduate students taking part in competitions around the nation can find information on how to apply for the GSC Athletics/Performance Activities Grant to help them cover the costs of travel to these competitions.

Council Representatives Funding
Council Representatives can find information regarding the per-semester funding given to them to carry out activities for the groups they represent.

Student Group Funding
Student groups can find information regarding the GSC’s Funding Board, which allocates approximately $130,000 per year in events and capital funding to graduate student groups at MIT. This is the largest distribution of money to graduate student groups anywhere at the Institute.

Travel Grant Fund
The only GSC source of funding for personal academic expenses. Students looking for such funding may wish to consult the Graduate Students Office financial aid overview and official policies.

Student Group Collaboration Award

In order to facilitate the collaboration and interdisciplinary activities/events across different student groups, this award encourages the student groups to think outside the box and forge collaboration with other groups, going deeper than simply sharing financial resources.

Student Group Start up Funding 

To provide necessary resources to student groups that have just been formed  and recognized by ASA. Besides the financial resource, GSC would also assist and provide knowledge for managing/growing student groups whenever possible.

Sustainability Fund 

To provide grants to graduate students and groups who are keen to champion an activity or lead an action that directly aids towards making the MIT campus clean, environmentally benign and resource efficient.

GSC-PSC Joint Service Fund

The Graduate Student Council and the MIT Public Service Center have partnered to create this fund out of a mutual recognition that graduate students, often consumed with academic and life responsibilities, may want support in engaging in public service and community outreach.

Funding Board Timeline