Whether you are a student group, individual, or council representative looking for funding, the MIT Graduate Student Council supports a variety of funding opportunities throughout the year.

GSC Annual Budgets (Certificates Required)

Information about Reimbursements


New Funding Sources

Plan an event to bring together the five schools of MIT by requesting an allocation from the new GSC OneMIT Board!


Funding for Student Groups

Funding Board: For student groups who wish to put on events with financial assistance from the GSC

Public Service Fund: To fund community service and enagement events and initiatives

Sustainability Fund: To encourage use of sustainable practices in campus events

Student Group Initial Funding: To give newly-formed student groups a small amount of money for operating expenses

Collaboration Fund: Extra funding available to events organized by 3+ student groups

Diversity Fund: One-time and non-recurring events with a cultural or ethnic focus

Family Programming Fund: events that are targeted towards families and children

Initiatives Fund: Funding for large projects that benefit the MIT community



Council Representatives

If you’re a council representative, see below for more information on applying for council representative funding.

Event & Meeting

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