Council Representative Funding

The GSC provides funding for GSC Council Representatives to spend improving community in their constituencies.  Currently, up to $250 per eligible Representative per funding period is available for allocation towards events and purchases that serve or are available to a Representative’s entire constituency (department, dormitory, or other non-GSC entity).

Funding Periods:

  • Fall: October 16 – February 15
  • Spring: February 16 – October 15

Eligibility and Funding Details

In order to be eligible for funding, the Representative must be a current representative in good standing.  A Representative (or their immediate predecessor if the Representative is new) must have attended a minimum of two recent General Council Meetings (GCMs) before receiving funding, and regular attendance at GCMs (i.e. more than half of eligible meetings) is also required.

Funding Scheme:

  • Representatives are typically eligible for $150/rep/period.
  • Participation in GSC at a level beyond attending GCMs increases funding by an additional $100/rep/period, for a total of $250/rep/period.  This additional participation may include being actively involved in a GSC Committee, Board, Subcommittee, or working group, or serving on an MIT Institute Committee.   The participation must be described on the funding application.
  • Collaborating with a representative from another constituency on an joint event doubles the $150/rep/period baseline funding (but not the additional $100/rep/period associated with additional participation, described above).

Funding Scope and Guidelines

Representative funding may be used for, but is not limited to:

  • Events open to and of interest to the entire constituency.  These events should be designed to support community and/or a social atmosphere outside of the typical realm of the classroom or laboratory.
    • Note that approximately $7/person will be reimbursed for food expenses.
  • Capital purchases that will be made accessible to all students in the constituency
  • Subsidies for items for individuals (ex. T-shirts).  Note that the subsidy must be spread equally across all orders and that all students in the constituency must have the opportunity to purchase the item.


Funding may NOT be used for:

  • Alcohol
  • Gifts or prizes

All funding must be used in compliance with Institute policies.

Requirements for Use of GSC Representative Funding


  • Prior to the event or purchase, submit a funding application using the form linked below.
  • If you have any questions, contact the GSC Vice President ( to make sure that the event or expenditure is appropriate for GSC representative funding and to confirm your eligible funding level.
  • Please include all relevant information about the event or purchase in the application.  A description and detailed budget breakdown is required for each application.
    • For events, be sure to include the date, time, location, and expected number of attendees.
    • For purchases, please explain how the purchase will be made available to all students in your constituency.
  • Describe any GSC involvement outside of GCM attendance, as explained above.
  • If you are collaborating with other representatives (either within or outside your constituency) on a single event or purchase, you may submit a single application form, but you must:
    1. Specify all representative names in the application; AND
    2. Email the GSC Vice President ( and copy (CC) all other collaborating representatives.



  • Events should be held at a time and place that promotes maximum attendance from each constituency.
  • Events and purchases must be advertised to the entire participating constituency:
    • Including the GSC logo
      • Please refer to the GSC Publicity Policy (especially Section 3) on the use of GSC Logos.
      • For emails, instead of using the GSC Logo, you can highlight in writing that the event is funded using Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative Funding.
    • Via email to the department/residence graduate student mailing list or via the departmental/residential graduate administrator, copying (by CC) the GSC Vice President (



  • Reimbursement must be submitted within one month of the event following these guidelines.
  • Only original itemized receipts will be reimbursed. A credit card receipt without itemization is not sufficient. Sales tax will not be reimbursed. Use the tax exempt forms ST-2 and ST-5 forms available from MIT Procurement.


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