Council Representative Funding


The GSC budgets funding for the use of the GSC Representatives, and currently up to $250 per eligible representative per period is available for allocation towards events targeted towards the Representatives’ constituencies (department, dormitory, or otherwise). The Fall period covers October 16 to February 15, and the Spring period covers February 16 to October 15.



In order to be eligible for full funding, the Representative must:

  • be a current representative in good standing in regards to attendance at General Council Meetings (attendance at more than half of eligible meetings) and have attended at least two General Council Meetings
  • have participated at a level beyond solely attending GSC General Council Meetings in the funding period (this participation should be described when applying for funding); funds are capped at $150/rep/period without any such participation
  • contact the GSC Vice President (gsc-vice-president[at]mit[dot]edu) before budgeting the event for which the representative plans to use the GSC representative funding in order to determine the representative’s eligible funding level

Reimbursements must be submitted using the GSC Representative Event Funding Form (application link at the bottom of the page).

Event Scope

Representative funding may be used for, but is not limited to:

  • Mentoring/advising events
  • Hospitality events for doctoral qualifying exams
  • Social activities involving multiple labs or departments
  • Orientation events
  • Study or “stress-relief” breaks in graduate residences
  • Department-wide retreats or socials

Requirements for Use of GSC Representative Funding

  • Prior to the event or expenditure, submit the Representative Event Funding Form (below) for approval.  If you have further questions contact the GSC Vice President (gsc-vice-president[at]mit[dot]edu) to make sure that the event or expenditure is appropriate for GSC representative funding and to find out the amount for which the event is eligible. Please make sure that you include all relevant information on the Representative Event Funding Form, such as date and time of event, event location, proposed budget, expected number of attendees, etc. Also include any GSC involvement outside of General Council Meeting attendance, such as volunteer work with a GSC committee, serving on a GSC task force, etc., as explained above.
  • Events must be open to all graduate students within the representative’s constituency, and should be designed to provide a social atmosphere apart from the typical realms of the classroom and laboratory.
  • Funds may be used for food, beverages, paper goods, entertainment, and other expenses related to the event, subject to the Institute and GSC Alcohol Policies. Up to $5 / person will be reimbursed for food expense.
  • The events should be held at a time and place that promotes maximum attendance from each constituency involved. Events must be advertised to the entire participating constituency:
    • including the GSC logo
    • via email to the department/residence graduate student mailing list or via the departmental/residential graduate administrator, cc’ing the GSC Vice President (gsc-vice-president[at]mit[dot]edu). Reimbursement must be submitted within one month of the event using the Representative Event Funding Form (below)
  • Only original itemized receipts will be reimbursed. A credit card receipt without itemization is not sufficient. Sales tax will not be reimbursed. Get a copy of the ST-2 and ST-5 forms from MIT Procurement.


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