Each GSC Representatives is eligible for a funding up to $250 per period (Fall and Spring).  The finding must be used for events or capital equipment expenses targeted towards the Representatives’ constituencies (department, dormitory, or otherwise). The Fall period covers October 16 to February 15, and the Spring period covers February 16 to October 15.

In order to be eligible for $150 per period, the Representative must:

  • have attended at least two General Council Meetings and more than half the General Council Meetings since the beginning of his/her term;

In order to be eligible for $250 per period, the Representative must:

  • be eligible for $150 per period
  • have participated at a level beyond solely attending GSC General Council Meetings in the funding period

Guidelines on the expenditures:

  • Funding will be disbursed in the form of personal reimbursement to the Council reps. At no point can we accept transfer between MIT accounts.
  • You can apply for as many events or items as you want, as long as the total amount does not pass the fund you are eligible for in that period.
  • Capital items have to be available to all the graduate students in the constituency and cannot be used for personal purposes.
  • Events must be open to all graduate students within the representative’s constituency, and should be designed to provide a social atmosphere apart from the typical realms of the classroom and laboratory.
  • Funds may be used for food, beverages, paper goods, entertainment, and other expenses related to the event, subject to the Institute and GSC Alcohol Policies. Up to $5 / person will be reimbursed for food expense.
  • The events should be held at a time and place that promotes maximum attendance from each constituency involved. Events must be advertised to the entire participating constituency including the GSC logo.

Submit the Representative Event Funding Form for approval at least two weeks before the event.  If you have questions, contact the GSC Vice President (gsc-vice-president[at]mit[dot]edu) before submitting the form.

Keep all the receipts related to the expenses. Only original itemized receipts will be reimbursed. A credit card receipt without itemization is not sufficient. Sales tax will not be reimbursed. Get a copy of the ST-2 and ST-5 forms from MIT Procurement.