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The Travel Fund Grant is designed to support the conference-related travel expenses of MIT graduate students in all Schools throughout the Institute. Specifically, this fund is allocated to conference travel expenses (including lodging) that are not currently funded by the student’s advisor or other MIT-related funding.


The Travel Grant is provided for domestic or international travel for the following purposes:

  • Travel to an academic or industry-related conference where the grantee will present a poster or paper.
  • Travel to an academic or industry-related conference where the grantee will participate or is invited as a panelist or discussant.
  • One grant will be awarded per graduate student per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) with a ceiling of $1000.
  • Grant applications must be received (or the GSC must be notified) at least two weeks before the student attends the conference.

If you are a recipient of a Travel Grant, you will be directed to contact the GSC Financial Administrator for reimbursement for your expenses. All expenses are reimbursable, and travel advances will not be granted. Food expenses during the conference period are reimbursable up to $30 per day if meals are not included as part of the conference package. Original receipts and a copy of the conference proceeding must be submitted.

Proposals are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the research or conference travel is currently unfunded or unsupported by the applicant’s advisor, department, or the larger Institute.
  • The degree to which the activity will enhance the academic experience of the MIT graduate student and/or expand his/her networks of linkages with other leading scholars or institutions.
  • The academic and professional merit of the candidate.

Cycle Deadlines

Travel grant proposals are evaluated in three cycles each year. Please apply to the correct cycle according to the dates of intended travel:

Grant Period Application Deadline Notification Travel Period Covered
Fall October 1 October 14 September 15 – February 29
Spring February 15 March 7 February 15 – June 15
Summer June 1 June 15 May 15 – October 15

Reimbursement Process

Please use MIT’s electronic reimbursement system (Concur) for your out-of-pocket expenses. Once the reimbursement is approved, you will receive funds in direct deposit* (if information is on file at HR/payroll).

*Not sure if you’ve set up direct deposit? See instructions below for checking & entering your information on ATLAS.

Setting up Direct Deposit

  1. Go to ATLAS (
  2. Click on upper tab “ABOUT ME”
  3. Under “Money Matters”, click on “Direct Deposit Preferences”
  4. If you have direct deposit set up, it should be listed there. If not, follow the instructions on site to complete set-up.


Getting to MIT Concur

  1. Go to ATLAS (
  2. Under “Menu”, click on “Full Catalog”
  3. Under “Purchasing” , click on “Request a Reimbursement for Me”


Option 1: Filing an Expense Report

  1. Under Expense tab, click “New Expense Report”, & fill out information.
  2. Important! For the Report Name type “Travel Grant”, followed by the semester, year, & your first and last name. (ex. Travel Grant Summer 2014 Monika Avello)
  3. Type in Cost Object # 1735290.


Option 2: Requesting a Reimbursement (RFP)

  1. Under the reimbursement details, fill out the information.
  2. Important! Name this RFP. Always use the line item in the GSC budget that you’re reimbursement will be charged. For the Travel Grant, the line item is 7.6.
  3. Type in Cost Object number. The cost object varies depending on what subcommittee and or line item you are allocating the expense to. If you’re not sure what the cost object is, leave it blank and Imani will complete this for you. Please focus on naming your RFP correctly; Imani will use the information you provide in the RFP to determine what cost object/account number to charge.
  4. Explanation: Please cut and paste any confirmation emails from committee chairs approving the reimbursement and give a full explanation of why you are requesting the reimbursement and who has approved the reimbursement.


Confused? If you require detailed instructions on how to use this electronic system, check out the 3 options below:

  • Online instructions provided at
  • Visit a drop-in training session that happens every Wednesday 10-11 a.m. in the Little Cayman Training Room (NE49, floor 3).
  • Contact Imani Ivery (imani[at]mit[dot]edu) for all questions regarding the reimbursement procedure.



You’ve submitted your reimbursement online. Now what? Submit a hardcopy of your reimbursement  & the original, detailed receipts to Imani Ivery, at 50-220. You will not be reimbursed until these hardcopy documents are submitted.

Note: For food receipts, alcoholic purchases CANNOT be reimbursed. For airfare receipts, ONLY coach or economy seats are reimbursable (no upgrades, business class, etc).

Want to know the status of your reimbursement? Set up email notifications on ATLAS (A) or check directly (B). Instructions for both options are below.

(A) Email Notification Set-up

  1. Go to ATLAS homepage (
  2. Click on upper tab “ABOUT ME”
  3. Under “My Profile”, click “Settings & Authorizations”
  4. Select your preferences under “Email Notification Settings”

(B) Directly Checking Reimbursement Status

  1. Go to ATLAS homepage (
  2. Under Menu, go to “My Reimbursements”, and click “Track My Reimbursements”
  3. Under “Details” tab, click “Comments”. Imani leaves notes here if there are any issues regarding your reimbursement.


Questions? Please contact Monika Avello at

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