Council Representatives Overview

This overview is available in pdf format.


The Graduate Student Council utilizes a representative structure to understand the needs of the graduate student population at MIT. GSC Representatives are voting members of the GSC General Council, and these representatives include:

  • one representative per 100 students, not to exceed 5, in every graduate department and program
  • one representative from each on-campus residence
  • two representatives living off-campus
  • five at-large representatives: three have been designated as representatives for Women, Minorities, and Graduate Students with Families; the other two are currently unallocated.

Representatives are encouraged to apply for roles on Institute Committees and participate on GSC task forces and working groups. Beyond responsibilities listed below, the level of involvement is up to each Representative, but we encourage Representatives to dive into this position and truly endeavor to make a significant impact at MIT.

How to Become a Representative

    1. Complete the online application here
Please contact the GSC Vice President (gsc-vice-president[at]mit[dot]edu) with any questions.

Key Responsibilities

      1. Represent constituency before the General Council.
      2. Attend* and participate at General Council Meetings, held on first Wednesday of each month. Dinner is served starting at 5PM. Meetings start at 5:30PM and end by 7:30PM. After each meeting, free drinks are served in the Muddy Charles Pub.
      3. Serve as a bridge for communication between GSC and respective constituency (including departmental/dorm student government), bringing forward issues of concern/interest and taking information back to student constituents.
      4. To serve on at least one GSC committee/subcommittee or task force.
      5. If unable to continue in the role as a representative or at the end of one’s term representatives are responsible for the recruitment of potential successors.


Representatives fulfilling their responsibilities are eligible for up to $250 per funding cycle (October – February, February – October) to sponsor events hosted by their constituency. Find out more about financial resources available for reps.

*If unable to attend, the substitution of a proxy from the same constituency, must be declared in advance to the Vice President.