List of Council Representatives

The GSC Council Representatives are divided in department representatives, residence representatives and members at large. The Representatives are elected to cover:

  • One spot for every 100 students (or fraction thereof) in each graduate department and program, but no more than five spots per constituency;
  • One spot from each of the graduate residences;
  • Two spots living off-campus;
  • Five at-large spots.

The constituencies marked by * require elections through the corresponding graduate students organization/government; contact the respective Representative for more information.

Reps for Academic Departments
Department / Group / Residence Representative(s)
Aeronautics and Astronautics* Pooja Suresh
Dianna Velez
Anthony Broll
Architecture* Nicole Ashurian
Jessica Varner
Ryan McLaughlin
Biological Engineering Division Jennifer Kay
Alec Nielsen
Biology Open
Brain and Cognitive Science Open
Chemical Engineering Zsigmond Varga
Sven Schlumpberger
Chemistry* Open
Kurt Cox
Ryan Shinabery
Civil & Environmental Engineering Raphael Dumas
Nathaniel Cox
Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO) Jeffrey Liu
Comparative Media Studies Open
Computational and Systems Biology Vincent Xue
Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Science* Eva Marie Golos
Michael McClellan
Economics* Otis Reid
John Firth
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science* Arijit Banerjee
David Qiu
Engineering Systems Division Open
Andrew Hall
Health Sciences and Technology* Colin Buss
Ho-jun Suk
Chung-Yun Chao
Linguistics and Philosophy Open
Management Paul Van Cleef
Sahar Dar
Morgan (Yanzhu) Wang
Chuan Zhang
Materials Science and Engineering* Shuchi Ojha
Astera Tang
Ritchie Chen
Mathematics David Rolnick
Mechanical Engineering (including Ocean Engineering)* Phillip Daniel
Lauren Chai
Lee Weinstein
Charles Wheeler
Levi Lentz
Media Arts and Sciences Jennifer Groff
Nuclear Engineering Rebecca Romatoski
Lulu Li
Operations Research Open
Physics* John Hardin
Political Science Open
Science Writing Open
History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) Richard Fadok
Urban Studies and Planning Ross Karp
MIT/WHOI Deepa Rao
Reps for On-campus Residences and Off-Campus
Ashdown House (On-campus Residence)* Orpheus Chatzivasileiou
Eastgate (On-campus Residence)* Clark Pixton
Edgerton (On-campus Residence)* Chantal El Hayek
Sidney-Pacific (On-campus Residence)* Jenny Wang
Tang Hall (On-campus Residence)* Soon Chu
Warehouse (On-campus Residence)* Yavor Kostov
Westgate (On-campus Residence)* Vasiliki Founta
Off-campus Housing Open
Jiake Chen
Other At-large Reps
Minorities Open
Graduate Women* Alex Toumar
Graduate Families and Parents Open
At-large Jason Menden
At-large Shaiyan Keshvari