List of Council Representatives

The GSC Council Representatives are divided in department representatives, residence representatives and members at large. The Representatives are elected to cover:

  • One spot for every 100 students (or fraction thereof) in each graduate department and program, but no more than five spots per constituency;
  • One spot from each of the graduate residences;
  • Two spots living off-campus;
  • Five at-large spots.

The constituencies marked by * require elections through the corresponding graduate students organization/government; contact the respective Representative for more information.

Reps for Academic Departments
Department / Group / Residence Representative(s)
Aeronautics and Astronautics* Pooja Suresh
Dianna Velez
Anthony Broll
Architecture* Nicole Ashurian
Jessica Varner
Ryan McLaughlin
Biological Engineering Division Jennifer Kay
Alec Nielsen
Biology Open
Brain and Cognitive Science Open
Chemical Engineering Zsigmond Varga
Sven Schlumpberger
Orpheus Chatzivasileiou
Chemistry* Whitney Hess
Kurt Cox
Ryan Shinabery
Civil & Environmental Engineering Raphael Dumas
Nathaniel Cox
Brittany Huhmann
Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO) Jeffrey Liu
Comparative Media Studies Open
Computational and Systems Biology Vincent Xue
Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Science* Christine Chen
Erik Lindgren
Economics* Otis Reid
John Firth
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science* Arijit Banerjee
David Qiu
Engineering Systems Division Open
Andrew Hall
Health Sciences and Technology* Colin Buss
Ho-jun Suk
Chung-Yun Chao
Linguistics and Philosophy Open
Management Paul Van Cleef
Sahar Dar
Morgan (Yanzhu) Wang
Chuan Zhang
Materials Science and Engineering* Shuchi Ojha
Astera Tang
Ritchie Chen
Mathematics David Rolnick
Mechanical Engineering (including Ocean Engineering)* Phillip Daniel
Lauren Chai
Lee Weinstein
Charles Wheeler
Levi Lentz
Media Arts and Sciences Jennifer Groff
Nuclear Engineering Rebecca Romatoski
Lulu Li
Operations Research Open
Physics* John Hardin
Political Science Open
Science Writing Open
History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) Richard Fadok
Urban Studies and Planning Ross Karp
MIT/WHOI Deepa Rao
Reps for On-campus Residences and Off-Campus
Ashdown House (On-campus Residence)* Lisa Guay
Eastgate (On-campus Residence)* Clark Pixton
Edgerton (On-campus Residence)* Chantal El Hayek
Sidney-Pacific (On-campus Residence)* Jenny Wang
Tang Hall (On-campus Residence)* Soon Chu
Warehouse (On-campus Residence)* Yavor Kostov
Westgate (On-campus Residence)* Vasiliki Founta
Off-campus Housing Open
Jiake Chen
Other At-large Reps
Minorities Leilani Battle
Graduate Women* Alex Toumar
Graduate Families and Parents Open
At-large Jason Menden
At-large Shaiyan Keshvari