Get Involved

No matter your experience, the GSC needs you. The GSC volunteer opportunities deal with a variety of issues within the graduate student community. All of our many committees need volunteers like you!

Get Involved

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There are various ways in which you can get involved with your Graduate Student Council. Please fill out our volunteer interest form to be contacted by the GSC!

Volunteer Opportunities
Learn about the volunteer opportunities on GSC committees, projects, and initiatives.  If you are interested, please complete our volunteer interest form.

Council Representatives
(nominations open through September)
Council Representatives serve on the General Council and attend the monthly business meetings of the Graduate Student Council.  Representatives are responsible for conveying the concerns, sharing ideas and opinions of their constituency, and reporting to their constituency on Council issues.

Institute Representatives
(nominations partially closed)
Serving on as an Institute Representative as a graduate student enables you to significantly impact important decisions made by the Institute. Institute Representatives serve as a voting member of a committee which advises faculty and administration, and ultimately reports to President Susan Hockfield.

Executive Committee
(nominations open in March)
The GSC Executive Committee is elected in the winter semester.  Officers are elected at our April General Council Meeting and committee chairs are elected at their respective committee meetings.

Create an Initiative
If you would like to create an initiative to serve the graduate community, please submit your idea here.