Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Program Overview

No matter your experience, the GSC needs you. The GSC volunteer opportunities deal with a variety of issues within the graduate student community. All of our many projects and initiatives need volunteers like you!

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The GSC is searching for volunteers to both lead projects and serve on committees and projects. Some of these areas are novel and volunteers are needed to make them operational. In these cases, the volunteer will have a great deal of say in how it is run. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with the GSC Leadership and potentially Institute Leadership.  Additionally, the GSC is always looking for event-based volunteers to help in the execution of recurring and one-time events.

Typical Volunteer

Our volunteers have a flexible approach to work. Special projects constantly arise in volunteer positions. Our volunteers have a lot of say in what they do as long as it follows the mission of the GSC.  Volunteers work independently or in groups, depending on the area.

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Volunteers for the GSC should have a great attitude. They should also be  responsible, team players, fast learners, flexible and interested in supporting the graduate student community.  Most importantly, our volunteers must be dependable and willing to help others!

GSC Volunteer Opportunities

Academics, Research, & Careers Committee
The ARC committee is responsible for developing and running programs, including the career fair, the professional development series, and mentorship programs, aimed at creating a better academic environment for students at MIT. ARC additionally advocates on several academically and diversity oriented issues.

Advising Initiative Associate
Based on results from a recent survey, ARC is working with MIT’s departments to enhance the research advising experience for grad students. Currently we are focussed on working with graduate student representatives in each department to explore ways to enhance the advising experience. You will be working with three to four other associates on the advising initiative, discussing advising issues with departmental student boards, and helping assemble a student “”skills portfolio”".

Dissertation Boot Camp Coordinator
Three times a year, ARC holds the Dissertation Boot Camp (DBC) for students in the thesis-writing stage. The coordinator’s tasks include organizing the event (three times a year), from booking rooms, scheduling guest speakers, to ordering food. No prior skills required—the previous DBC coordinator will provide comprehensive training.

 Professional Development Workshops Co-organizer (NEW!)
This year, ARC is hoping to run its first regular monthly professional development workshops for grad students, aiming to inform graduate students of skills that are important to them regardless of which career path they choose to pursue after MIT. Examples include networking, giving an “elevator pitch” about your research to a general audience, and leading a UROP effectively.

Publicity Coordinator
ARC hosts monthly talks as well as infrequent larger events (such as the dissertation boot camp three times a year). For these events to be successful, strong publicity is essential. The coordinator is responsible for publicizing events (e.g. through flyers, emails, etc.). This includes designing and posting flyers, and creating eye-catching blurbs; current time commitment is about 1 hr/week.

General Advocacy
We are also looking for students interested in working on advocacy in various relevant topics, such as common workspaces, tax workshops, and diversity.

Activities Committee
This committee plans, organizes and coordinates a number of social events both on and off campus for graduate students at MIT. The range of events is diverse enough to cater to all segments of the population.

Event Leader
Helps to organize, coordinate, and lead any of our events such as the monthly Two Dollar Tuesday dinners, the annual Acoustic BBQ, the once-in-a-lifetime MIT150 Soiree, or the new and upcoming Craft Brew Tasting event. Leaders can sign up on a per-event basis or become regular leaders with reoccurring events. Leaders are also encouraged to come up with their own ideas for activities and make them happen.

Event Volunteer
Helps to execute any of our events such as the monthly Two Dollar Tuesday dinners, the annual Acoustic BBQ, the once-in-a-lifetime MIT150 Soiree, or the new and upcoming Craft Brew Tasting event. Volunteers can sign up on a per-event basis or become regular helpers with reoccurring events.

Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT)
The Graduate Women at MIT is a subcommittee under the Academics, Research, and Careers Committee. GWAMIT is dedicated to providing a unified voice for graduate women at MIT.

Conference Planning Committee
Help plan The Spring Empowerment Conference or The fall Leadership Conference by deciding content and execution. a great way to steer The content of GWAMIT’s two yearly conferences and make your mark. 

Logistics Team
A low commitment way to be involved by helping our committees with booking rooms, ordering food, and setting up events.”

Help plan our Mentoring program by matching mentors/mentees, finding mentors, and planning meetings. It’s a great way to meet female faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

Housing & Community Affairs Committee
The HCA is the primary advocacy branch of the GSC on all student life issues, including housing and rents, stipends, health services and insurance, transportation, safety, athletics, and related matters.

Cost of Living Analyst
Students needed to help run and analyze the Cost of Living Survey. This survey serves as the foundation for our stipend recommendations each year. Following the survey, we are looking for one or two future student leaders to help us in constructing the argument for increased stipends.

Family Experience
We need students who have families (spouses and/or children) who are interested in helping us author a report on the services provided to families and children by our peer/competitor universities. This report will lay the foundation for future advocacy on behalf of our family and child constituencies

Heat Mapping
We are looking for one or two students who are interested in working with highly sensitive geographic information pertaining to the graduate student experience. GIS or similar software experience is preferred but not mandatory. The goal of this project is to visually represent large data sets of geographic information overlaid with MIT or community services.

General Advocacy
We are also looking for students interested in working on advocacy in various relevant topics, such as community space, family/childcare support, and dental care.

Leadership Development
The Leadership Development Subcommittee is part of Academics, Research, and Careers Committee and the Activities Committee.  This subcommittee is dedicated to providing and promoting leadership development and training opportunities for graduate students

Legislative Action
The Legislative Action Subcommittee under ARC is dedicated to representing MIT graduate student interests in policy creation and development on the local, state, and federal level.

Legislative Action (Meetings)
Students interested in articulating concerns of graduate students are need to hold meetings with Senators, Representatives, and their staff members. Extensive training prior to any meetings is provided by LASC.

Legislative Development
Students are needed to conduct issue research, provide synopses of current legislation and policy, and write federal legislation. Training provided by LASC.

Outreach Event Planning (i.e. Speaker Series)
Students are needed to plan events/series to engage the general graduate community through organizing policy speaker events, voter registration drives, etc.

Press & Policy Updates
In order to maintain LASC productivity, we need students interested in providing updates on current press and policy issues that may be used in courting support or developing legislation to aid graduate students.

Orientation Committee
This committee is responsible for planning the Institute’s official Graduate Student Orientation – a series of events designed to welcome new graduate students to MIT at the beginning of the school term.

Publications & Publicity Board
The P&P Board is responsible for disseminating information to the graduate student through a variety of means, including the Graduate Student News.

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