Kendall Rezoning Forum


MIT’s plans to change Kendall Square: A Forum for Undergrads, Grads, and Postdocs

WHEN: 6:00 – 7:00 PM, 06 February 2013
WHERE: 1-190

AGENDA: Attached Here

Food will be provided

Very few projects in MIT’s history have proposed to reshape the immediate academic campus more than MIT’s currently filed rezoning petition before the Cambridge City Council. In addition to proposing three new commercial towers between MIT Medical and Sloan, it aims to create a new Eastern Gate to the campus, bring new retail to Kendall Square, and deliver additional housing along Main Street.

As members and stakeholders of this campus, we believe students (UG and G) and postdoctoral researchers should be informed of the specifics of this proposed change, hear the opinions on both side of this debated topic, and have the chance to arrive at their own opinions.

As the discussion continues at the City Council, students and postdocs have a very real role to play in articulating their needs as members of MIT and residents of Cambridge and Greater Boston. Please join us on February 6th to learn more and offer your feedback.

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