List of Institute Representatives

2016-2017 Representatives

The GSC Nominations Board will begin accepting applications at the end of the spring semester for the upcoming school year.

More information about committees can be found here:

Representative Responsibilities

Presidential/Faculty Committee Representatives should attend the General Council Meetings (first Wednesday of every month, 5:30pm) both to learn about issues the graduate student body faces and to disseminate information. More formal reporting should be done to the GSC Standing Committee to which the Presidential/Faculty Committee pertains and through the Institute Representative Reporting Form. Lastly, all Presidential/Faculty Committee Representatives will be expected to submit an end-of-year report summarizing the actions and issues of their committee during their tenure.

Committees with “OPEN” status are accepting applications. Committees with “PENDING” status are not accepting applications; the chair is reviewing the nominees provided by the GSC Nominations Board. Appointments with an “acting” status denote the resignation of a representative, with an appropriate GSC Officer filling the slot (with “OPEN” nor “not open” designation depending on the needs of the committee, as determined by the committee chair).


Presidential Committees
Assessment of Biohazards, Committee on TBD
Commencement Committee Arolyn Conwill (ex-officio)
Angie Crews (ex-officio)
Community Service Fund Board Qin Zhang
Samuel Wald
DAPER Advisory Board Elise Wilcox
Lee Weinstein
Distinguished Fellowships, Committee on Melis Anahtar
Mark Brennan
Samantha Strasser
Family and Work, Council on Lillian Lakes
Qin Zhang
Hobby Shop, Committee on the Jocie Kluger
Gweneth McKinley
Intellectual Property, Committee on Thomas Carney
Medical Consumers Advisory Council Samuel Rodriques
Sarah Goodman
Race and Diversity, Committee on Jetson Leder-Luis
Tugba Bozcaga
Radiation Protection, Committee on Elizabeth Tolman
Robert White
ROTC Oversight Committee Steven Holcomb
Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, Committee on Shireen Warnock
Cassandra Rosen
Toxic Chemicals, Committee on Sarah Luppino
Transportation and Parking, Committee on Adam Rosenfield
Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Committee on the Zsigmond Varga
Women’s Advisory Group Elizabeth Qian
Faculty Committees
Committee on Discipline Summer Morrill
Fatima Hussain
Faculty Policy Committee Kendall Nowocin
Committee on Graduate Programs Zoya Bylinskii
Noelle Held
Committee on the Library System Matthew Giamou
Jack Reid
Committee on Student Life Jenny Chen
Chris Smith
Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Angelos Siampakoulis
Other Committees
Campus Activities Complex Advisory Board TBD
Council on Creative Arts Kun Xue
Carmen Castaños
DSL Health Promotion Committee Ashley Heacock
Kristen Russell
Title IX Student Advisory Committee Cassandra Rosen
Rohini Shivamoggi
Claire Webb
Ad-hoc Committees
Mind Hand Heart Libraries Malvika Verma
 Chancellor’s Advisory Council  John Arroyo

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