Leadership Evolution for Graduate Students (LEGS)

Leadership Evolution for Graduate Students

Leadership Evolution for Graduate Students (LEGS) was created to address the issue of graduate leadership training on campus. While there are many different leadership resources available for graduate students, they are generally nor tailored to address graduate student interests and needs.

LEGS was created as a joint effort between the GSC, Residential Life Programs, and the Student Activities Office, the latter two parts of the Division for Student Life.

There are currently three LEGS topics, with more under development. The first three were given during IAP 2009

Seminar Name Documents
LEGS 101: Event Planning, How to Make it Happen
Alicia Erwin, Kevin McComber
Event Planning Checklist
LEGS 102: Organizational Communication, How to Say It
Jason McKnight, Vivek Sakhrani
LEGS 103: Funds Acquisition & Budget Planning – Show Me the Money!
Jed Wartman, Nan Gu
Funding Sources Handout
LEGS 104: Group Facilitation – Effective Meetings Simplified
Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg, Jason McKnight
LEGS 105: Group Motivation – Keep It Going
Dr. Stephen Immerman, Jason McKnight

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  • Graduate Student Council
  • Division of Student Life
  • Student Activities Office
  • Residential Life Program