The GSC operates on an annual budget that reflects contributions from many sources of revenue. Allocations are made at the start of the fiscal year to specific programs, events, and functions, and the budget becomes valid when it is approved by the Council.

A budget rescope is carried out approximately halfway through the fiscal year when revenue numbers are precisely known. See Article VI of the GSC Bylaws for more information on The Budget.

The current budget (FY19: July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019) and past budgets are available below in PDF form (MIT Certificates required).


Document Date Approved
FY19 Budget June ’18 GCM
FY18 Budget June ’17 GCM
FY17* Rescoped Budget March ’17 GCM
FY17 Budget June ’16 GCM
FY16* Rescoped Budget March ’16 GCM
FY16 Budget June ’15 GCM
FY15* Rescoped Budget Dec ’14 GCM (introduced)
FY15 Budget June ’14 GCM
FY14* Rescoped Budget Dec ’13 GCM (introduced)
FY14 Budget May ’13 GCM (introduced)
FY13 Budget March ’13 GCM
FY12 Budget March ’12 GCM
FY11 Budget June ’10 GCM
FY10 Budget June ’09 GCM
FY09* Rescoped Budget December ’08 GCM
FY09 Budget June ’08 GCM
FY08 Budget Aug ’07 GCM
FY07 Budget June ’06 GCM

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