2020-21 Executive Officers

Madeleine Sutherland, President



Madeleine is a rising fourth-year in the Chemistry department who served as Chair of Ashdown House Executive Committee last year. She uses solid-state NMR and simulations to listen in on interactions between biomolecules. She has experience in human rights advocacy and believes people are at their best when they’re supported in doing what they love. Her hobbies include cycling and loom-knitting enantiomeric blankets.

Jerry Ng, Vice President



Naveen Arunachalam, Secretary



Naveen joined MIT’s Chemical Engineering department as a PhD student in Fall 2018. His research focuses on the rational design of transition metal complexes. Prior to joining MIT, he received his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Caltech. His main interests within the GSC are improving communication channels, connecting different communities, and eliminating technical debt. In his spare time, Naveen enjoys playing classic video games like Tetris, learning languages, and volunteering in the local community.

Steven Burcat, Treasurer



Steven is a rising third-year Mechanical Engineering PhD student working in machine design. With the GSC, he wants to ensure all students can feel connected to the MIT community and continually find ways for the MIT community to serve its students. His interests include hiking, making, cooking, learning fun facts, and exploring new places/cultures/lifestyles.

He is also actively looking to join a research expedition to Antarctica and would greatly appreciate any connections/leads.