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2019-2020 Executive Officers

Peter Su, President

Peter Su, President


Peter is a fifth year PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering and the President of the GSC. His research focuses on photonic materials and devices, for chemical sensors and other applications. He was involved in the GSC’s external advocacy efforts for his first three years at MIT, and that has fueled his interest in pursuing a science policy career after graduation. He was also the GSC President last year, and is committed to ensuring the GSC is set up to continue to advocate effectively on behalf of the MIT graduate student body long after he graduates. He strongly believes in the basic goodness of people and that most conflicts have win-win solutions.

TBD, Treasurer

Alexander Joerger, Vice-President


Alex is a 2nd-year Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. His research involves off-design performance estimation of multi-stage axial compressors. He received his Aerospace Engineering degrees from the University of Stuttgart in 2014 (S.B.) and the Technical University of Munich in 2016 (S.M.). Since joining MIT in Fall 2017, he has served as a member of the 70 Amherst Executive Committee, and he used to be the GSC Representative for 70 Amherst before becoming a GSC officer. He believes that one of the greatest human virtues is the ability to advocate for others and oneself.

TBD, Treasurer

Naveen Arunachalam, Secretary


Naveen joined MIT’s Chemical Engineering department as a PhD student in Fall 2018. His research focuses on the rational design of transition metal complexes. Prior to joining MIT, he received his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Caltech. His main interests within the GSC are improving communication channels, connecting different communities, and eliminating technical debt. In his spare time, Naveen enjoys playing classic video games like Tetris, learning languages, and volunteering in the local community.

TBD, Treasurer

William Lindemann, Treasurer


William (Robin) Lindemann is a fifth year graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering. His research focuses on dynamic behavior in peptides and self-assembling materials. Before serving as treasurer, he spent two years as a council rep for the General Materials Council, and served as treasurer of that organization. His interests include hiking and reading, when time permits.

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