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Your calendar app will discover new GSC events automatically. See you around!


No! Your calendar app will ask you if you want to add a separate calendar called "GSC Events Calendar". Your personal calendar will not be affected. No matter which calendar app you are using, you will be able to toggle the GSC Events Calendar on or off, or even delete it entirely.
Any event shown on the GSC calendar is open to ALL graduate students. You are welcome to (and in fact encouraged to attend) any GSC meeting, country/culture-specific event, or social outing that you see on the GSC calendar. GSC-affiliated clubs are outsider-friendly and love having newcomers!
New events are approved on Sundays, and changes are reflected on Mondays.
Submit events to the Anno and make sure to check the box for "Advertise on GSC events calendar". Events will only be approved if they are open to all graduate students.
The calendar does not include all Anno events - only single-day events explicitly tagged as Calendar events are included. In practice, this means that only about 50% of Anno entries make it into the calendar. Additionally, the calendar only contains events up to 4 months before or after the current date. If you want to be informed about all graduate events, you should subscribe to Anno emails.
Calendar subscriptions have existed for a while, but are just recently starting to catch on. The idea first gained traction in 2009 through the introduction of the iCalendar protocol (RFC 5545), which greatly simplified broadcasting operations for large organizations. Google Calendar actually has built-in streaming features and is fully compatible with Outlook and Apple Calendar, but for some reason this appears underutilized in practice. However, calendar subscriptions appear to be gaining in popularity, especially at MIT.
As of 2019, you can subscribe to class schedules at and different event categories at The GSC Events Calendar (see below) is a mirror of the Anno and is thus guaranteed to be well-maintained throughout its lifetime. Here are calendars for each graduate residence (all are fairly well-maintained as of July 2019, and you are encouraged to add your residence's calendar):