Announcement: 2014-2015 Graduate Cost-of-Living Stipend Increase

Dear MIT Graduate Student,

We are honored to inform you that, after months of diligent work and partnership between the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) graduate student stipend levels will be raised, on average, 4% for the upcoming academic year. This increase demonstrates the Institute’s continued commitment to enhancing students’ quality of life despite financial pressure and economic uncertainty common to all universities.

Since last August, graduate students led by Marzyeh Ghassemi and Andrea Dubin of the GSC Housing and Community Affairs committee worked to develop a rigorous and powerful analysis of student expenses, local market trends, and national price indices. They worked closely soliciting feedback from many individuals in MIT’s top administration and presented the results of their study to the senior leadership of MIT at the February meeting of the Academic Council. The report they prepared was one of the major pieces of data informing the Institute’s recommendation to increase stipends at such a significant rate. The report they presented can be found here.

This successful effort benefited from the supportive advocacy of the Dean for Graduate Education, Professor Christine Ortiz and Vice-President for Research, Professor Maria Zuber. Also, we would like to thank those that gave feedback over the course of the stipend recommendation process.

With appreciation,

Caleb Waugh, GSC President
Marzyeh Ghassemi and Andrea Dubin, GSC HCA Chairs