Association of Student Activities

What is the ASA?

The Association of Student Activities (ASA) is a joint committee of both the Undergraduate Association (UA) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC). The ASA Executive Board advocates on behalf of student groups to gain resources for student groups’ benefit, allocates resources among student groups, and arbitrates among student groups and any other involved parties. In general, the ASA oversees student group activity and is the governing body of most students groups on the MIT campus (not all student organizations on campus are recognized by the ASA).

An ASA-recognized student group has access to all the resources and privileges provided by the ASA. Recognized groups are considered to be recognized by MIT, which is important for national organizations and organizations that compete. Being a recognized group is a privilege and entails certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include following the 5/50 and ASA Governance clauses and the inclusion of these clauses in the student group’s constitution.

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ASA Committees

The ASA consists of an executive board with five officers: the president, secretary, and three chairs of the three ASA subcommittees.

  1. Finance subcommittee: distributes of ASA grants and coordinates with groups over financial concerns/advocacy
  2. Space subcommittee: allocates student group office and storage space, oversees publicity (including fall and spring Midway club fairs)
  3. Groups subcommittee: recognizes new student groups and oversees re-recognition and de-recognition processes

Get involved!

We’re always accepting new members! Email asa-exec [at] mit [dot] edu If you want to reach out to the ASA to join us or with a general question.