Department and Classroom Inclusion (DCI) Subcommittee

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The Department and Classroom Inclusion (DCI) Subcommittee is a peer-to-peer initiative within DEI that aims to establish representatives regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion in all graduate departments across the Institute.

The goals of DCI are to:

  • Consolidate and summarize the graduate student perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Institute to MIT Administrators
  • Establish “best practices” for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion at MIT
  • Encourage all MIT departments to develop or implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

What is a conduit?

Department representatives, or conduits, are graduate students responsible for providing the DEI leadership and other conduits insight regarding diversity practices within their respective departments and programs. 

At the end of the day, we hope that conduits engage with their department and other conduits and learn how to

  • Identify, propose and enact changes
  • Build a relationship and collaborate with administration or faculty as a DCI conduit
  • Identify leadership structure and stakeholders in your department

Finally, the DCI subcommittee leadership will provide yearly surveys on each department’s diversity climate to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth across MIT.

DCI Conduit Assembly

Conduits are invited to DCI’s Conduit Assemblies. The assembly allows conduits to bring any feedback to the forefront on behalf of their academic department. Conduits also are encouraged to interact outside of assembly.

The subcommittee’s goal for the assembly meetings is to:

  1. Encourage an informal, inter-departmental dialogue amongst students.
  2. Collectively establish and implement a standard for diversity and inclusion campus-wide.

Meet the DCI Core Team:

Halston Lim (DEI Vice-chair for DCI) – 3rd Year PhD in Physics

Rebecca Carlson (DEI Treasurer & DCI Co-coordinator) – 3rd Year PhD in Health, Science, & Technology (HST)

Laura Zhang (DCI Co-coordinator) – 2nd Year PhD in Economics

Danielle Orozco Cosio (DCI Co-coordinator) – 4th Year PhD in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS)

Madeline Dery (DCI Co-coordinator) – 3rd Year PhD in Chemical Engineering

Ongoing DCI Initiatives

  1. Implementation of application assistance programs for students from underrepresented groups
  2. Departmental diversity statements and community values statements
  3. Providing bias-related training to students, faculty, and staff
  4. MIT-wide surveys with DEI-related questions
  5. Departmental surveys
    • Note: share your departmental data with the help of GSC DEI Grad community fellow
  6. Funding to travel to diversity-related conferences

List of conduits

Do you know your department or program conduit? The list of conduits can be found here.

If you do not see a conduit for your department and wish to become one, please email us at