Orientation Committee

The goal of the Orientation Committee (OC)  is to welcome incoming first year graduate students to MIT and provide a conduit for integration into the community. The OC hosts events, both virtual and in-person to help new students know the institute, the grad community and the area. New students will become familiar with their new grad life,  they’ll often make their closest friends during their first month at MIT, during orientation!

Orientation is undoubtedly the most exciting time of the school year. Come join the Orientation team, and help welcome the first year grads to MIT! If you wish to get involved in this fun and rewarding experience, please contact us.

Planning and Volunteers

The coordinators and volunteers for Orientation are fellow students who want to help make the first year students transition easy and fun. Planning for Orientation begins in March, and extends all the way through the end of September. The OC chairs work closely with the GSC officers, administrators and the MIT community at large for high-level planning. Each event also has one or more coordinators, who are responsible for event details, and recruiting volunteers. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Types of Events

The events are divided into three categories 

  • Institute informational events
  • Social events
  • Group specific

The institute events include the Grad 101 Webinar Series, a Welcome event  with MIT President  L. Rafael Reif and other distinguished institute speakers. Social events include dance parties in the graduate dorms and many welcome receptions. Group events will have relevant information and mingling opportunities for international students, affinity group, diversity equity and inclusion as well as spouses, partners and families. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m thinking of helping out! What do I do?

The GSC Orientation Committee is now recruiting! Participating in Graduate Orientation is fun, exciting, and a great way to meet new people and connect with and learn all areas of the graduate community! Your commitment will be flexible. You can lead event organization, design graphics, or just lend a helping hand on the day. For your help you will be guaranteed a variety of perks. For more information please contact us with all questions and queries to gsc-oc@mit.edu


Please direct all questions and queries to gsc-oc__@__mit.edu