GSC Sustain


The GSC Sustainability Subcommittee (GSC Sustain) is a gathering point for climate-conscious, action-driven students to collaborate on implementing sustainable practices on the MIT campus with the knowledge, motivation and interest of graduate students at its center.

Join Us

Join our mailing list and email us to get onto our Slack! Via these, you will find out when we have our monthly meetings, and what other people are working on! Both our Slack and our meetings are safe spaces to share your interests and find friends that help you work on these! To get oriented, also see our resource 2-pager.

Get the Funds for Your Project

The GSC Sustainability Fund offers financial support for sustainability-related projects directed at MIT graduate students. Please see the application and more detailed guidelines or ask us.

2020 & 2021 Member Projects

  • Earth Day Sustainable Living Series – Basics of Plant Care & Mending Your Own Clothes!
  • CAP Focus Groups with UA Sustain
  • Sustainable Cooking: Basics With Tofu
  • Making Dorm Architecture Bird-Safe at Ashdown House
  • GSC Sustain Projectathon
  • Earth Day Film Screening
  • Incentive scheme for bringing reusable dishware at graduate dorm food events
  • Reducing catering packaging waste during lunch meetings



For the Academic Year 2020, our leadership consists of our co-chairs Ippolyti Dellatolas and Rishabh Datta. Reach us under

Interested in becoming a GSC Sustainability chair? Two co-chairs are elected each May for the following academic year. Co-chairs are responsible for leading meetings, overseeing projects, and managing the Sustainability Fund.

Past chairs. Rishabh Datta and Andy Haupt (2020-21), Junli Hao & Marlis Denk-Lobning (2019-20), Clint Ko & Julien Barber (2018-19), Collin Perkinson & Julien Barber (2017-18), Abigail Regitsky & Nicole Moody (2016-17), Alex Tinguely & Josh Hester (2015-16), Cherry Gao & Becky Romatoski (2014-15).