Here are the top addresses used to reach the grad student leadership:

  • gsc-excomm_@_mit.edu — Full GSC Leadership (Officers + Committee Chairs)
  • gsc-officers_@_mit.edu — The four Officers (for sensitive matters; likely with longer response time)
  • grad-dorm-officers_@_mit.edu — Residence hall executive committees + GSC-HCA leaders

The GSC Officers, elected by the General Council as laid down in the Constitution, with roles given in the Bylaws, consist of:

  • President: gsc-president_@_mit.edu
  • Vice President: gsc-vp_@_mit.edu
  • Treasurer: gsc-treasurer_@_mit.edu
  • Secretary: gsc-secretary_@_mit.edu

The GSC Committee Chairs, elected by their respective committees by processes laid out in the committee Bylaws, are:

  • Academics, Research and Careers (ARC) Chairs: gsc-arc_@_mit.edu
  • Activities Committee (AC) Chairs: gsc-ac_@_mit.edu
  • Association of Student Activities (ASA) President: gsc-asa_@_mit.edu
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Chair: gsc-diversity-chair_@_mit.edu
  • External Affairs Board (EAB) Chair: gsc-eab_@_mit.edu
  • Housing and Community Affairs (HCA) Chairs: gsc-hca-chair_@_mit.edu
  • Muddy Charles Board Chair: gsc-muddy_@_mit.edu
  • Orientation Committee (OC) Chairs: gsc-oc_@_mit.edu