Council Representatives FAQ

Download the GSC Council Representative Handbook here

What council representative positions can I apply for?

The GSC representative positions cover all MIT department, all graduate dorms, and off-campus students. In addition, the GSC recognizes 5 representatives at large, appointed by the Council to specific student constituencies. As a graduate student, you are eligible for any position that best represents the constituency you come from. Choose what position you want to run for.

Example: Rachel is a Master student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department and lives in Somerville. Thus, Rachel can apply to be either a representative for the EECS department or for the off-campus students.

How do I apply to be a council representative?

After you have chosen what position you want to run for, you can start your application process. First of all, check if your constituency has a graduate student association/government for your constituency. You can see that from the list of the positions available for council representatives. Those marked with * do have a student association/government.

If the position you have chosen is for a constituency with a student association/government, please contact the student government to know how to proceed to become a representative. If you don’t know who to contact in your constituency, please contact the GSC Vice-President (gsc-vp[at]mit[dot]edu). Once you are chosen to be the new representative for your constituency, please submit the online application (no need to use the validation form).

If the position you have chosen is not bound to any student association/government, then you can proceed by yourself. Download the validation form in the application page. Fill out the form with the required signatures and submit it with your online application. The GSC Vice-President will confirm your position in the GSC as soon as possible.

How long do I have to a council representative?

A GSC representative can hold his/her position as long as he/she is in good standing, unless differently specified by the student association/government of the corresponding constituency. On October 15 of every year, the GSC Vice-President will request to each GSC representative to confirm his/her position. If for any reason a GSC representative decides to leave the position, he/she shall inform the GSC Vice-President (gsc-vp[at]mit[dot]edu) of the decision.