GSC OneMIT Board

The OneMIT Board is temporarily suspended while we secure funding for new projects.  Please direct any questions to the GSC Treasurer at


2015-2016 School Representatives

  • School of Architecture and Planning – Brittany Montgomery – bnmont [at] mit [dot] edu
  • School of Engineering – Nestor Sepulveda –
  • School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences –  Apply HERE
  • Sloan School of Management – Luis Somoza –
  • School of Science – Hendrik Utzat –


Requirements and Guidelines

Criteria for Receiving OneMIT Funding

All events or initiatives funded by the OneMIT Board should

  • Be inclusive and open to all MIT students;
  • Include at least two student co-applicants from different MIT Schools (Science, Engineering, SHASS, Architecture/Planning, Sloan);
  • Seek to increase engagement among members of all five Schools.


Required Actions to Receive OneMIT Funding

  1. Apply for funding from the OneMIT Board by the posted deadline below.
  2. Publicize the event at least 14 days prior the event using the GSC Anno and the MIT Events Calendar.
    1. Use the OneMIT Board logo, the ODGE logo and the logos of all schools on all advertisements.
    2. Note that paper posters are not required and should be used with the knowledge that they generate low awareness and large amounts of waste.
  3. Submit the OneMIT Board Post Event Report electronically on the funding website
  4. Comply with the Institute Alcohol Policies.
  5. Submit both the electronic and hard copy components of each reimbursement request before 5PM on the OneMIT Board funding cycle deadline. Note that MIT is tax exempt, so any paid tax will not be reimbursed. Use the MIT tax exempt number when making purchases.


OneMIT Funding Periods

Period Round Dates Applications Due
Summer/Fall I July 1 to September 30 TBD
II October 1 to December 31 TBD
Winter/Spring I January 1 to February 29 TBD
II March 1 to June 30 TBD


Application Procedure

Fill out the official OneMIT Funding Application on the GSC Funding Website. If you have additional attachments, please e-mail them to Applications with missing required documents will not be considered. Upon review of the application by the OneMIT board, applicants may be invited to a funding interview with the OneMIT Board. Applicants will receive a funding decision within one week of the funding interview.


Receiving OneMIT Funds

Recipients of OneMIT Funding will be directed to contact the GSC Financial Administrator for reimbursement for their expenses up to the amount allocated by the OneMIT Board. Original receipts must be submitted to Imani Ivery in 50-220.


Funding Restrictions

Funding for food will be capped as follows:

  • Desserts and snacks: $4/person
  • Pizza: $5/person
  • Self-prepared food: $7/person
  • Non-ethnic/cultural food: $7/person
  • Ethnic/cultural food: $9-10/person

The Fund does not pay for:

  • Capital equipment;
  • Speaker fees;
  • Guest teacher/lecturer fees;
  • Speaker travel;
  • Prizes;
  • Gifts;
  • Alcohol.


About OneMIT Board


The GSC OneMIT Board (OneMIT Board) is charged with fostering interaction, communication, collaboration, understanding, respect, well-being, and supporting the GSC Mission for all graduate students. The board will serve as a common ground for the MIT community, defined as faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, to promote academic, social, cultural, and professional activities across schools.


General Meetings

General meetings are modeled similar to GSC Standing Committees. They are open to any graduate student, and representation from student groups, campus clubs, or similar student run entities are encouraged to attend. The general meetings are held at least once a semester with the long term goal of once a month.


Funding Meetings

Funding meetings are modeled similar to GSC Funding Board. They consist of the six graduate student representatives. In the event that a tie cannot be resolved the GSC President will make the deciding call. The funding meetings are held at least once a semester with the long term goal of the same cycles as GSC Funding Board. Any graduate student, ASA recognized student group, or similar student run entities can apply for funding. The GSC Funding Board guidelines should be used and all allocations are posted online.


Selection of the Board School Representatives

The representation is made up of graduate students from all five schools and the GSC Treasurer. The chair of the board will be selected by the board and is tasked with the responsibility of calling general and funding meetings, communication of the public agenda, having the minutes recorded, and reporting updates to the Council at the GSC General Council Meetings. Each Board member has the responsibility of interacting (i.e. providing updates, etc.) with their respective School Dean, engaging students in their school and across schools, and ensuring financial sustainability.

  • Five nominated members from each of the five schools
    • School of Architecture and Planning – Courses 4, MAS, and 11
    • School of Engineering – Courses 16, 20, 10, 1, 6, ESD, 3, 2, 22, and IMES
    • School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences – Courses 21A, CMS/21W, 14, 21F, 21H, 21, 24, 21L, 21M, 17, and STS
    • Sloan School of Management – Course 15
    • School of Science – Course 7, 9, 5, 12, 18, and 8
  • The current year GSC Treasurer will serve on the board as the funding manager to ensure proper management of the finances.
  • The current year GSC President will serve as the seventh member of the board and will act as the tiebreaker and conflict manager

The term length is for one year, with a maximum service time of 3 years.

If there is an open position in the term a candidate from that respective constituent body (confirmed by the GSC VP) can be nominated or self-nominated at a GSC General Council Meeting and is confirmed by the council representatives of the respective constituent body.


Funding Source

The main funding source will be from the Schools and ODGE. The funds are held in the GSC account to be distributed up to the allocated amount as a reimbursement.


Reimbursement Instructions

  1. On the Atlas homepage, click on My Reimbursements on the left menu.
  2. Select Request a Reimbursement for Me.
  3. Fill out the details of the event/expense in the form entering 1735150 in the Cost Object field. In the Explanation box, enter the name of the event for which funding was allocated and the details of the expense. Refer to this list of G/L Account numbers.
  4. Attach a scan of the receipt to the RFP. The receipt must be itemized and contain the method of payment.
  5. Select Send To and enter Lauren McLean (laurenm).
  6. Bring a printout of the RFP attached to the original itemized receipt to the GSC Office (50-220) and leave it Lauren McLean’s mailbox. If the office is closed, leave it in the mailbox outside the office after writing on the RFP that it’s intended for the GSC Treasurer.
  7. Note that the reimbursement process begins only when the hardcopy of the RFP is delivered.