Initiatives Fund


The Initiatives fund or line item may be used for projects that benefit the MIT community. Smaller projects will typically be funded with the Initiatives Line Item (to be voted on by the GSC Executive Committee). Larger projects (>$5000) will typically be funded with the Initiatives Fund (to be voted on by the General Council). The same application form will be used for both small and large projects.

 Funding Timeline

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  The GSC Executive Committee meets on the last Wednesday of every month. The General Council meets on the first Wednesday of every month. See instructions below for details.

 Event Publicity

Make sure to follow the Event Publicity Guidelines in all your event advertisements:


  • Fill out the form linked below.
  • Send an email to stating that you’ve submitted an application at least two weeks before the General Council meeting or Executive Committee meeting at which you wish to present your application.
  • Attend the relevant council or executive committee meeting, at which you will present your application for a vote.



Apply to the Initiatives Fund!