Public Service Fund

About the GSC-PKG Joint Public Service Fund

The Graduate Student Council and the MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center (PKG) have partnered to create this fund out of a mutual recognition that graduate students, often consumed with academic and life responsibilities, may want support in public service and community outreach. The purpose of this fund is to encourage graduate students to innovate their own public service opportunities that fit their aims and requirements while meeting community need. Both student groups and individuals can apply for events or activities aimed at public service initiatives in the Greater Boston area.

The fund was formed through equal contribution from both the MIT Graduate Student Council and the MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center.

Allocation Procedure

Allocations for the GSC-PKG Joint Public Service Fund are approved by a board consisting of:

  1. The Graduate Student Council Treasurer
  2. One representative from the PKG and
  3. One graduate student member at large

 Funding Timeline

Cycle Application Deadline Cycle Start Cycle End Reimbursement Deadline
Summer June 1 July 1 September 30 October 15
Fall September 1 October 1 December 31 January 15
Winter December 1 January 1 March 31 April 15
Spring March 1 April 1 June 30 July 15

Fund Guidelines and Rules for Use

Recipients must adhere here to the following rules regarding use of the GSC-PKG Joint Public Service Fund, hereafter referred to as the Fund.

  1. The person who submits the application must be an MIT graduate student. For a group event, volunteer spots must first be offered to graduate students, then to undergraduates, availability permitting.
  2. At least 50% of the group members of the group applying must be graduate students.
  3. The Fund may only be used to pay for materials, event costs, transportation and food for participants.
  4. The Fund may be used to provide meals for volunteers at no more than $7 per person.
  5. The Fund may only cover up to $400 per group per cycle.
  6. When possible, public transportation should be used instead of rental cars.
  7. The Fund may not be used for required donations to organizations. The Fund may only be used to pay for materials to be used for service event. In order to use funds for collaborating with a non-profit, the grantee must obtain an invoice from the partner organization with the word ‘invoice’ on it; donation forms will not be funded.
  8. The Fund may not be used to pay for speaker fees, gifts or prizes.
  9. Do not pay tax. The Fund does not cover tax and you will not be reimbursed for it. Tax exemption forms for MIT are found here.
  10. Receipts from the event must be turned in within 1 week of the event occurrence.
  11. Follow these rules pertaining to the use of the MIT name.
  12. Adhere to the event safety guidelines.
  13. Service project must take place in and focus on the Greater Boston region.
  14. Funding grant can only be used for expenses directly related to executing the authorized service project.
  15. Funding Guidelines
  16. Event Publicity Guidelines

After the Event

  1. Fill out the post event report in the Allocations & Reports table on the funding website.
  2. Submit reimbursement request through the Student Activities Office, following the relevant instructions on this page.


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