Student Group Initial Funding


Student Group Initial Funding helps to provide necessary resources to student groups that have just been formed and recognized by ASA. However, exceptions to the “newly formed” requirement may apply and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In addition to financial resources, the GSC will assist with managing/growing the new student group whenever possible.

Funding Timeline

Cycle Application Deadline Cycle Start Cycle End Reimbursement Deadline
Summer June 1 July 1 September 30 October 15
Fall September 1 October 1 December 31 January 15
Winter December 1 January 1 March 31 April 15
Spring March 1 April 1 June 30 July 15


  • Event must have positive impact on its constituents and MIT grad population as a whole.
  • Event must be well planned with a detailed budget layout (include expenses and funding sources).
  • Event must be open to all MIT graduate students.
  • Event must show that it can help the student group sustain itself in the future without relying on GSC funding.
  • The event must aim to provide the student group with a sustainable model so that the student group can expect funding from other resources in the near future.
  • Shows initiative to think out of the box and optimize the usage of their resources.
  • The student group must have been formed or restarted within the past two years.
  • The student group must not have received funding through Student Group Initial Funding in the past.
  • Funding Guidelines
  • Event Publicity Guidelines


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