Sustainability Fund


The goal of the GSC Sustainability Fund is to educate and to engage graduate students in environmentally sustainable living practices. The sustainability fund was introduced to provide grants to graduate students and groups who are keen to champion an activity or lead an action that directly aids towards making the MIT campus clean, environmentally benign and resource efficient. Both student groups and individuals can apply for events or activities aimed at campus sustainability initiatives. All events funded by the GSC Sustainability Fund will be announced on the GSC Sustainability webpage.

Applicants must be current MIT graduate students, who may apply individually or on behalf of a student group. Sustainability Fund applications are accepted all year long on a rolling cycle, though it is generally advisable to apply at least three weeks prior to your proposed event/project start date. Funding is typically in the amount of $0-$1000, though exceptions may be made for projects that impact a large portion of the graduate student body. Previously-funded projects include sustainability speaker events, recycling facility tours, composting programs at graduate dorms, community garden spaces, and more.


  • Application and Report
    • Please provide detailed descriptions of the project and the budget in the application.
    • If funding is awarded, applicants should fill out the project report at the end of the project.
  • Education and Accountability
    • Projects applying for the GSC Sustainability Fund must include an educational component on environmental sustainability.
    • Minimum requirements for education include:
      • Signage (including clear labels on compost/recycling/trash)
      • Announcements during the event
  • Planning a Green event
    • Applicants should keep environmental responsibility in mind when organizing their events. For example, incentivize attendees to bring usable utensils and containers. The GSC Sustainability Team will provide you with a Green Event Guide, which outlines the ways in which you can minimize your event’s impact on the environment. For more tips and guidance, please contact gsc-sustainability-fund _@_
  • Funding Guidelines
  • Event Publicity Guidelines


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