***Important General Update***

If, for medical/disability reasons, the long line for COVID-19 testing is inaccessible to you, you can request an accommodation and receive documentation you can show to MIT Medical staff to bypass the line.

  • Students: Make your request to MIT Student Disability and Access Services at das-all@mit.edu.
  • Employees: Make your request to MIT Disability Services at hr-dsmlo@mit.edu.

If the above resources do not resolve your access issue, you can e-mail gsc-officers@mit.edu and we will do our best to help.

Please see the new COVID apps website for more info.

Because most graduate housing is apartment-style, it presents a lower public health risk than dorm-style undergrad housing (where many students share a bathroom and floor kitchen). However, these are still dense living situations and the campus continues to follow public health guidance to determine what occupancy is safe. Some grad students who moved out in the spring will be able to return for the summer, i.e. to conduct research. Here are some relevant resources:

August Housing Update: 

June Housing Update:

Internet access: with so many Zoom meetings competing for signal, many have been struggling with slow Wi-Fi. Right now, the best way to combat that is wired connections and we have received the following message about ethernet cables in grad residences:

Wired ethernet adapters and cables are available for those looking to connect to MIT’s wired network.  The ethernet adapters and cables are available upon request by e-mailing ddm@mit.edu.  Once you submit a message to this e-mail address, a ticket will be generated with IS&T’s Device Deployment and Maintenance team who will be able to fulfill your request.  Please ensure to include information regarding your computer model so that IS&T may provide the proper equipment to get you connected as quickly as possible.