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The COVID-19 epidemic has forced MIT to rethink how it carries out its core mission, redesigning residences, classes, research safety protocols. In an effort to keep our community safe while we return to work (and perhaps later, classes), MIT is creating the MIT COVID-19 Response System (MCRS), a collaboration between researchers on campus and at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The MCRS will incorporate, integrate, and visualize campus data to help MIT’s medical and operational leaders make informed decisions with the goal of enabling MIT’s mission while limiting the spread of the virus. The Student Solutions Group will contribute to efforts to advance the response system, but also will be involved in MIT’s COVID-19 efforts more broadly and will promote effective engagement of, and communication with, students.

The Student Solutions Group (SSG) will bring together undergrads and grad students to participate meaningfully in discussion on MIT’s course through COVID-19. The SSG will be organized into “wings” which focus on different sets of issues, for example: 

  • Research safety
  • International student support
  • Residential life
  • Campus life
  • Academic policy (grading, degree requirements, etc)
  • Undergrad education

Several subgroups of MCRS already desire student representation, and it’s likely that more ad hoc COVID-19-related Institute committees will arise as need evolves. Student members of these ad hoc COVID-19 committees will be drawn from the relevant “wings” based on stated interests and experience in the form below. (The GSC will implement a traditional Nominations Board process for higher-profile COVID-19-related committees forming on a longer time scale). If you are interested in getting involved in the conversation on any of these topics as they relate to the COVID-19 response, please fill out the form below. 

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