Get Involved!

All areas of the GSC are always looking for graduate students—especially current Council Representatives—to get involved.

The easiest way to get involved is to email with (1) your name, (2) a list of committees/subcommittees you are interested in (or topics that you want to work on), (3) and the amount of time you expect to be able to commit (e.g. anywhere from 1-10 hours per week). We will email you back with meeting times and information about areas where you can help.

If there is something you would like to see get done, the GSC will do whatever it can to empower you to do so! Remember, Council Representatives receive an additional $100/cycle in funding if they get “additionally involved” in the GSC.

Here are some other ways to get involved:

Become a GSC Council Representative

  • If your department, dorm, or constituency does not have a representative, you can apply to join the GSC General Council immediately!
  • If your constituency (most dorms and some departments) holds elections each year to fill the GSC Council Rep positions, you should contact the leadership of that constituency’s government to find the timetable
  • For those constituencies without an election, you can nominate yourself to fill a position in October–if there are more applicants than positions, the GSC Vice-President will organize an election.

Join a GSC Committee or Subcommittee

  • Except for committees with designated membership (Excomm), all GSC committees and subcommittees are always looking for more members
  • Monthly times and locations of Committee and Subcommittee meetings are listed in each GCM Agenda
  • More information can be provided by the chair(s) of the committees and subcommittees (check the Committees and Subcommittees page for contact info)

Join an Institute Committee

  • During the summer, the bulk of Institute Committee appointments are made by Nominations Board
  • New Institute Committees or those without a full membership will seek additional members throughout the year on a rolling basis (announced at each GCM)

Help Coordinate a Short-Term GSC Project

  • At GCMs, committees or officers may announce a short-term project that will need volunteers
  • Recurring projects include the trips to the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students and Ivy+ summits, Legislative Action Days trips coordinated by the Legislative Action Subcommittee (LASC), and many more…
  • For more information about these projects, email the GSC Officers at

Run for a Leadership Position!

  • Most committee co-chairs and officers were once GSC Council Representatives, leaders on dorm/department governments, or institute committee representatives
  • If you want to make an enormous positive impact on the entire MIT graduate student body, you should help run the representative body of all graduate students
  • Nominations open in March and elections occur in April, but you can always reach out to the current leaders holding any position that interests you

Help Organize Career Fair!

  • Become one of GSC’s directors for largest student-run Career Fair in the country!
  • Get to lead both undergraduate and graduate students, network with corporate executives and high-profile leaders at MIT, and manage significant funds!
  • Applications for the 2019 Fall Career Fair Executive Team are now closed. 
  • Details about the career fair and the application process can be found HERE. Feel free to reach out to the previous Career Fair directors at with any questions about the different roles on the team or the application process