Statement on MIT students submitting zoning petition to the Cambridge City Council

On August 14th, a group of MIT graduate students filed a zoning petition with the Cambridge City Council to require the development of 1800 housing units for graduate students in conjunction with the development of the Volpe site. While the GSC has been actively working to advance progress on graduate housing, is encouraged by the broad public engagement around this topic, and strongly supports the rights of individual students to engage with their representatives in government, the GSC would like to clarify that the petition in question was not filed by the GSC, on behalf of the GSC, or by leaders of the GSC.

The GSC has decided to take a different course of action. We will be working with MIT administrators and other graduate students to shape the future of MIT graduate housing through a new Graduate Housing Working Group. The Working Group’s charge includes the following:

  • Develop a plan to fulfill the remaining 250+ graduate student beds recommended in the 2014 Clay Report.
  • Explore issues such as potential sites, housing types, and a timeline for bringing these new beds online.
  • Assess how graduate student housing needs for singles and families have evolved in the three years since the Clay Report’s publication.
  • Report findings and recommendations to the MIT community for comment, and to the senior administration for a formal response.
  • Establish a process to ensure a periodic review of graduate student housing needs.

The Working Group will be comprised of 50% graduate students chosen by the GSC through its standard nominations process. We are committed to the process and look forward to receiving regular updates from the Working Group.

We will also continue to engage with the MIT graduate student community to ensure that we address all graduate student concerns related to graduate student housing, the working group, and the process we are engaging in. If you have questions, please reach out to us at



About the GSC:

Since 1953, the Graduate Student Council, which represents the 6,800 graduate students at MIT, has strived to promote the general welfare and concerns of the graduate student body, create new programs and initiatives to provide opportunities for growth and interaction, and communicate with the MIT Administration and Faculty on behalf of graduate students. The GSC maintains various committees and boards to address graduate student issues.